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SPACE GAME - free alpha available now!
Cairns, Queensland
16807 posts

Deep breath...

OK so you guys mostly know I've been working on a game for a little while now. After some hefty iterations and a complete pivot away from the original concept (!), 18 months later its finally polished enough that its time to enter Alpha Mode. Please don't ban me torgles, sorta forgot to reach out for permission before posting!~

What is SPACE GAME? Its a multiplayer space shooter. Three factions (creatively referred to as Red, Blue, and Green!) are fighting over a space station or something. Who knows why. Full details below.


It is playable in regular flat screen and VR, although the UI is currently borked in VR sorry. Getting it up to speed is my next priority. It should run on any old potato - I get several hundreds of fps on my rig.

It is free to play, and if we ever end up thinking its worth charging for, alpha and beta testers will get a free copy.

The alpha server is online. We can support up to 100 CCUs but for sanity, for now I have limited it to 20. That's enough for 6 players on each Team which should be enough to gauge bandwidth and performance.

There is a discord available with some pre-configured voice channels at https://discord.gg/0pUWt3Mp5AnJIa6l . Have reached out to Discord to get into their integrated VOIP program too.


Here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_UCI2Q1zCnjN3M3M3BQN045QkE/view?usp=sharing

A steam version IS coming, the on boarding process is kinda hectic and I want to do a bit of a soft launch first to make sure it is a goer anyway. If you know me hopefully you'll trusty my random exe. If you wanna wait for Steam that's cool but sadfase mans.

Please jump on, give it a go and let me know what you think! :) Server will be up at least all weekend.



Hey! Thanks for giving our little game a go, Hope you have fun!

While we've tried to make it all as intuitive as possible, this is an alpha and there are probably a few things to keep in mind :)

Getting Started

Your download should have an SpaceGame.exe and a SpaceGame_Data folder. That's all you need to jump in, and its free! The game is light and should run on a wide range of potatoes, just extract the zip and run the exe file.

When the game starts, it will be in a Windowed mode. At this stage we support:

- In a restored or maximised window. Game works as expected. This is probably the best way to play for now.
- In windowed full-screen mode. Use ALT+Enter to switch. There are some quirks here in the switch between modes, best result for now is to just Maximise the window before entering full screen mode.
- The UI only supports landscape 16:9 for now. This will improve.


At the time of writing, only Game Controller input is supported. Keyboard and flight stick support will come 'soon'. You may be able to map controls, esp flight sticks.


Left Stick left/right: Turn Shift left and right.
Left Stick up/down: Rotate ship up and down.

Right Stick left/right: Turn Shift left and right.
Right Stick up/down: Engines forward and backwards.

Fire Guns: Left trigger
Fire Missiles: Right Trigger
Slow Down (also good for recovering from a crash) Y

(more soon!)

Voice Chat

Direct integration with Discrod is hopefully coming soon. We have a server set up at https://discord.gg/0pUWt3Mp5AnJIa6l in the interim with channels for the teams etc.

Gameplay controls are simple, but the intent is to provide a rich, skill-based pilot experience.

There are 3 teams, red, Blue, and Green. They are enemies, blow each other up! Maps with objectives other than roflstomping people are coming 'soon'.

-Controls and Crashing-
If you crash your ship, it will take some time for your gyros to reset and smooth control to be resumed. You can either wait it out, or perform emergency braking with Y which will more quickly reset your control - but you will be an easy target while this happens! Be careful, pilot.

-Powering Up your Ship-
You NEED to level up your ship to fight effectively. You do this by picking up green power-ups (also known as 'greening'). Note that if you crash into them your ship will become more difficult to control (same as crqashing into anything!) but you can activate powerups with your shields - skillfull piloting will enable you to collect power-ups by skimming close to them without suffering a crash penalty to controls.

As you level up, you gain Bounty. This is visible next to your name, and on the leaderboard. If you kill another pilot, you gain their bounty.

If you die, log out or change teams, you lose your bounty!

There is currently one ship in game, the Raptor. Others are coming during the alpha!

A maneuverable, fast gunship.
Good speed, armour and energy.
Very agile (most agile ship in the game!).
Very good guns and good missiles.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!
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AGN Admin
Other International
39297 posts
awesome dude. can we mirror ? :D
07:46pm 03/11/17 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
16808 posts
Yeh for sure, Im updating regularly tho and dont have an autopatcher (yet)
07:49pm 03/11/17 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
16809 posts
UPDATE - working on an update for the morning, server is offline for now while I get a few bugs and behaviours sorted. A couple were kinda breaking so took it offline.

Thanks to everyone who was playing tonight :)
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6524 posts
F*** yeah hoggles I'ma play dis

edit: ok i need a controller
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Melbourne, Victoria
2836 posts
Congrats hoggy.

Looks pretty sweet.
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Cairns, Queensland
16810 posts

0.02 is now live

Added simple splash and connection screen.

Fixed respawn timer bug.
Fixed team change on respawn bug.

Missile Explosion explosive force reduced by about half.
Missile Explosion 'point blank' penalty reduced to 2x damage (from 3x).

You can now change your team anywhere on the map so long as you have full energy, at the cost of 99.9% energy.
If (as previously required) you change team from within your base, energy loss is reduced to 25.

Engine offline cooldown reduced to 1.5s (from 5.0s).
Until returning to base, each loss of engine controls adds 0.5s to this cooldown, caps at 5.0s.

Guns moved to X Button.
Missiles Moved to A Button.
Engine Boost Moved to B Button.
Engines moved to Right Trigger.
Braking & Recovery moved to Left Trigger.
Braking & Recovery now significantly more effective.

Gun speed significantly increased to 0.65 base, 0.35 max (from 1.0 base, 0.5 max).
Gun energy cost reduced to 2 base (from 4).
Grab the update at https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_UCI2Q1zCnjN3M3M3BQN045QkE/view?usp=sharing

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Hogfather is the server up atm i can't seem to connect to it.
01:50pm 09/11/17 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
16811 posts
Nah I broke it last night sorry! Bloody alphas.

0.03 dropping 'tonight':

- New Ship!
- Mouse & Keyboard Control Support
- Map expanding to 60k range (up from 12k)
- A proper patcher so you don't have to download the whole game every time
- Some other stuff I can't remember right now
10:36am 10/11/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
18485 posts
Maybe have a patch notes file for 0.04 ;P
11:48am 10/11/17 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
16812 posts
ooo fancy
12:46pm 10/11/17 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
16813 posts
UPDATE fixed the server for current version

0.03 probably wont drop tonight, I accidentally bought an XBoX One X on the way home :(
03:23pm 10/11/17 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
16814 posts
Server offline for an hour or so from this post; will reply again when its back.
07:56pm 10/11/17 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
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Back now
10:06pm 10/11/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
41 posts
Managed to connect to the servver but couldn't get any response from the keyboard and mouse.
11:12pm 11/11/17 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
16816 posts
anon - yeh sorry is flat 0.02 not the a I thought was going up.

Update coming soon :)
11:51am 12/11/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
42 posts
come on kbm support :D
10:46pm 14/11/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4302 posts
gameplay vids?
01:09am 15/11/17 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
16820 posts
Hey martz

As its still a pretty rough alpha I wasn't planning on putting up vids and have only advertised that it exists on the forum here as a bit of a soft launch.

Maybe for 0.03 :)

Also: working on improving the camera for flatscreen. It feels weird.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Hoggy when are you going to include keyboard and mouse support really interested in working with you on this game as a tester :D
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Steve Farrelly
AusGamers Editor
Sydney, New South Wales
7552 posts
Awesome dude, we'll throw something up on the front page and over socials if you like? Unless you're just sort of loosely 'closed alpha-ing' at the moment?
06:19pm 15/11/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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not ready for that yet i think steve but ask hog yourself he knows better than i
maybe when he reaches the beta stages :D

last edited by anonymousxvi at 18:26:41 15/Nov/17
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Sydney, New South Wales
8465 posts
kb and mouse worked when i tried it on Tuesday.
11:55am 16/11/17 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
16822 posts
kb and mouse worked when i tried it on Tuesday.

Yeh then I broke it all sorry.

KB+M in that build was kinda funky anyway, like it worked but it wasn't great (third person camera issues that I'm working on atm).

I may have pre-alpha'd or alpha'd a bit early, but have gotten some great feedback so maybe #worthit
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