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Steve Farrelly
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Studio MDHR's Cuphead is being heavily lauded for its incredible, 100% hand-drawn and painted art-style and animation, but the game's actual gameplay design is the standout for us. As challenging and unforgiving as they come, this Indie game is at the fore of reminding us just how easy we have it as gamers now. Because back in the day, this s*** was hard.

Here's a snippet from our review:
There’s a lot to say about Cuphead, and then there’s a lot not to say about Cuphead. It’s sort of like the first rule of Fight Club. But, just like Fight Club, people have been breaking that first rule and, well, a lot of people are now talking about Cuphead. Largely because beneath that incredible art-style and presentation exists a game that absolutely wants to beat you up. It wants to fight you. With its Fleischer-inspired gloved fists. In the face.

Those might be fightin’ words, but they’re true. Cuphead’s visual draw is only one half of the tale. The second lies in its unrelenting attempts at breaking you down. This game is one of the most challenging you’ll ever face, and it loves to make you work for your accolades, of which there are actually few. In Cuphead, progress is gated behind these seemingly impossible levels and bosses you face. There aren’t a lot of them, island to island, but those that tease you with their beautifully-homaged cartoon appearance on that equally beautifully hand painted overworld, are psychopaths waiting to stop you in every possible way. But then again, you are facing them for their very souls.
Click here for our porcelain-perfect review of Cuphead, and check out the video below for a props-included trip down memory lane featuring Cuphead.

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This looks really cool, great art work and style. Much better than pixel art.
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