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Coming from developer Iron Galaxy, who have a long history working on ports for some pretty big titles (BioShock, Borderlands, Batman Arkham) as well as Season Three of Killer Instinct for Microsoft, are hard at work on the upcoming Extinction. A new original IP that pits players against ogres called Ravenii as the the last-remaining Sentinel.

But really, once you see the giant creatures off in the distance that also have to be taken care of you can see how the blend of fast traversal and giant boss battles has us dreaming of Assassin's Creed and Shadow of the Colossus.

Check it out.

Extinction places emphasis on high-speed traversal around an interactive environment. Avil must move quickly – traversing across rooftops, alongside buildings, and more – to save humanity from the encroaching horde, and take down the seemingly endless waves of ogres (known as Ravenii) using his powers as a trained Sentinel. And while the swarm of smaller minions may seem like the crisis at hand, there’s always a larger problem on the horizon.

Armies of ogres are equipped with their own weapons and armor, requiring Avil to use tactical thinking, the structure of the environment, and even the enemies themselves in order to quickly eliminate the giants before they destroy all that’s left of the world and drive it to extinction.

Extinction is currently on track for release across PS4, PC, and Xbox One in Q1 2018. Definitely something to keep and eye on.
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