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Sei magnifico! Fantastico! Our Forza 7 Review
Melbourne, Victoria
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Forza Motorsport 7, the seventh and latest title in the long-running racing franchise may just be its finest hour. And although new additions like customisable drivers, and the introduction of RPG-like vehicle tiers might feel a little strange at first. And they did to Forza veteran, and our resident racer, Adrian Haas. The same can't be said about the driving. Peerless, and just about perfect.

Forza 7, as with previous entries, recycles a great number of cars and tracks. So you might start wondering if this is the game for you. Fear not, race fans. Loot boxes and Mod cards can be happily ignored. The enforced restrictions embraced for equality in racing. You will see your Driver Gear on display as your Drivatar poses before and after every race so pick something unobtrusive to wear.

There is a ridiculous amount of cars to collect in Forza 7, including a host of never before seen vehicles. Each of which can be hurled around the truly impressive variety of tracks brought to life by stunning weather and time of day lighting effects. Plus, even if you’ve seen some of these cars and tracks before they’ve never looked or felt this good. Racing is exciting in Forza 7 and accessible at any skill level. If you were to strip away the visuals and leave behind the core mechanics of racing hundreds of cars across numerous tracks, Forza 7 is still one of the most well rounded and solid racers ever created.

Click Here to Read Our Full Forza Motorsport 7 Review
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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You need to install Creator's Update to play this which still breaks GSync (apparently).
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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Can anyone comment on where to pick this up where it won't cost $99.95-139.95 as a 'Digital Only' code?
I really want this on PC; but cannot bring myself to pay that price for a game which will be in bargain bins on console in a matter of months.
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