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Places to buy a new gaming PC?
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Hi guys its been a while.

I am completely out of the loop with the PC situation back in Brisbane these days as I am still living in the US. However my son is still in Brisbane and wants to get himself a PC that capable of running a few games such as the latest stuff from the Total War series and more than likely the odd FPS as well without breaking the bank.

Now in the past I would have just gone and seen Hermi or Koopz to sort me out but Hermi seems to have completely dropped out of sight. I used to know most of the guys at Computer Alliance and that's where I would get all my new stuff from, but that was years ago. So if any of you have any suggestions I could pass on to my son on where to go that is reputable and well priced Id appreciate hearing from you.

Basic criteria

Cost $1,000 - $2,000 (yeah I know that's quite a range)
Must run Games such as Total War's latest title pretty much flawlessly

Thanks guys
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Computer Alliance is probably still the best if you want to go in and sit down with a sales guy and plan your build and figure out what to get. Places like Umart or Msy are cheaper, but thats really more of an order what you want off the website then go in to pick it up type deal, not so big on the customer service.
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I recall guys griping about Umart some years ago about them being a royal pain in the ass when replacing faulty hardware that was DOA. Have you heard much in recent times Khel?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I bought my computer from Umart a few months ago. I'm lucky I havent had anything wrong with it. But i still find them ok.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I use Computer Alliance nowadays over MSY because their service department is very good.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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https://au.pcpartpicker.com/ is a really great site to get started on. Allows you to pick parts and then the site will automatically find the cheapest retailer to buy from.

Here is a good build for what's in your price range. However AMD are an option for a CPU nowadays so you may be able to save some money there. I'd probably add a 4TB'ish HDD to that setup as well.
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You probably all gathered thus far that like me he isn't tech savvy so building one himself is simply not going to happen :)

(edit) DO we have any of the Tech's from computer alliance on QGL these days?
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Where is KoopZ !!!
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Brisbane, Queensland
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DO we have any of the Tech's from computer alliance on QGL these days?
Heh, i remember when we had techs from almost all the main PC shops in brisbane on here back in the day

CA, Global, Gamedude, QCG...
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Koopz has disappeared from everywhere.

I use umart. U can go in and talk to them, but they can be busy.

Ive totally given up on msy as they are f*****g useless.
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Where is KoopZ !!!

With 4 daughters he is probably a bit busy

Thanks for your thoughts guys, much appreciated. My boy is probably going to give CA a shout and see what they can do for him. Bit of a shame I don't know any Techs there anymore as Id rather speak to one of them any day over a sales person.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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koopz descended into madness.
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Ballarat, Victoria
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Mister fancy water cooling over here lol. Nice setup. Looks messy, as it should.
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I bought my last PC online off pccasegear.com.au and had it shipped preassembled. Probably paid a bit of a premium but super convenient. Would prob do again.
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Ballarat, Victoria
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it's a little bit fancy
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