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With the Crash Bandicoot Remaster Selling Well, Activision Eyes Othe...
Melbourne, Victoria
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The recently released Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy struck a chord with people from all over the world. Like elsewhere, here in Australia it topped sales charts, reaffirming that there's still a deep love for mid-'90s early-3D gaming. Even if if they weren't all that great to begin with. Yeah, it's time to face facts Crash-heads. Anyway, with the sounds of cash registers opening and closing filling its halls, Activision are now looking at other potential remasters.

With many people hoping that the next game series to get the remaster treatment be Spyro the Dragon. Which makes sense when you stop for a second to try and think of another bright and colourful 3D game series that made an impression on the Sony PlayStation -- whilst also failing to even be half as good as Super Mario 64. Or Banjo Kazooie for that matter. Both of which have been remastered for Nintendo handhelds and the Xbox 360 respectively.


Talking about the surprise success of the Crash remaster, Activision Blizzard CEO Eric Hirshberg notes, "We think we have other great IP in our portfolio that we’re considering, of course, but this isn’t new behavior for us." Ticking off two boxes at once, the confirmation of a huge library dating back decades and the love of making money re-selling old ideas.

Okay, okay. So this might sound a bit on the harsh side. In actual fact we're fans of remasters done right here at AusGamers. Sprucing up old visuals whilst retaining core mechanics is a great way to reintroduce classic games to a modern audience. When it comes to the success of Crash though, we'd rather see the return of Zork than a purple dragon.
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I wonder how many people who bought it actually played them through and how many just bought it in an attempt to recapture the lost days of their youth, played an hour of it for the nostalgia factor and moved on.

Maybe its just the way my brain is wired, but I have real trouble justifying spending money or time on remasters and re-releases of old games when theres so many new experiences and new games I don't have enough time to play as it is. I can't see the value in looking back when theres so much to look forward to, but I guess I'm in the minority cos this s*** keeps selling really well
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