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Game of Thrones - tv show
Brisbane, Queensland
40673 posts
So show is back sudnay nite and is going off script.

I am both excited and nervous about not f*****g it up.

The tv show is awesome, but the books rule supreme.

05:19pm 14/07/17 Permalink
05:19pm 14/07/17 Permalink
2723 posts
I am looking forward to it as well. I have pretty much forgotten what was happening last season. Knowing the HBO guys, there will probably throw in a twist or 2 to keep us on our toes.
05:51pm 14/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5332 posts
What twists? They're so far in front of the books now anything they show us is "new".
07:25pm 14/07/17 Permalink
2725 posts
Twist as in something unexpected. Not, deviation from the books, because as you said, we are in front of the books.
09:32am 15/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
23733 posts
it's a kids show
09:37am 15/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
18411 posts

We are all just kids, bigger and better at being kids than we were when younger, but still kids really. Embrace it.

That GoT intro music ... so good.
09:52am 15/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
40674 posts
im just finishing the books the second time around, amazing how much stuff you pick up on a second reading.
10:18am 15/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
40676 posts
Its here.
11:40am 17/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21306 posts
someone dies ?
03:32pm 17/07/17 Permalink
Tanaka Khan
Brisbane, Queensland
5780 posts
someone dies ?

Everybody dies
03:44pm 17/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
12846 posts
Forget GoT theres been a f*****g disaster of epic proportions.
Dr Who has transitioned into a Woman.

I snapped my Sonic Screwdriver in disgust.
06:06pm 17/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
40679 posts
theres been nothing worth watching on fta for 10 years and now i have to juggle GOT vs aussie ninja.

not happy.
06:45pm 17/07/17 Permalink
Tanaka Khan
Brisbane, Queensland
5781 posts
theres been nothing worth watching on fta for 10 years and now i have to juggle GOT vs aussie ninja. not happy.

Get with the times, buy a VCR
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Sydney, New South Wales
819 posts
After watching the first episode I thought.. "s*** this is pretty good". So then I didn't watch any more of it at all, and read all the books. Which are huge btw. Must have taken at least a year. If they were crap I would not have had the patience to read them. I avoided all spoilers and web crap.

Then watched the episodes over a couple weeks intensive style. Impressively made shows. Great casting.

I watch most of these

Alt Shift X makes quick, clear explanations and analysis on the Game of Thrones TV show and books – theories, character analyses, episode reviews – and some stuff on other series. So check out the channel, and subscribe if you like what you see.
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2727 posts
Just watched it. It was pretty good episode. Look forward to more of it.
08:15pm 17/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
19108 posts
that was probably the best opening the show has ever had.
08:52pm 17/07/17 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
25937 posts
Yep, was awesome.
09:01pm 17/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
23833 posts
That's how you start a season
09:49pm 17/07/17 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
16765 posts
Great ep, but I miss the division between book nerds and casuals.
10:28pm 17/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
7672 posts
F*****g Ed Sheeran! I can't escape that c***, even on GOT
11:25pm 17/07/17 Permalink
Ballarat, Victoria
4232 posts
12:38am 18/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
40680 posts
i liked his contribution.

bit heavy on the poops for my liking, but yer pretty good first ep!
06:33am 18/07/17 Permalink
6496 posts
Great ep but f*** they dragged out the danaerys return to dragonstone scene. Good last line from her but.
11:31am 18/07/17 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
2131 posts

Danaerys give me the f***en horn !!!!
12:47pm 18/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10633 posts
Ed Sheeran scene was a waste of space. Seriously added nothing, the song was s***a nd it was in the book. (i.e. he sung it s***)

The Rains Of Castamere kicked s*** through it. Even "It's Always Summer Under the Sea" the closing credits for s3e5 ...

Ravn0s and anyone else that thinks that was the best start of season is .

S4 I think might have been the best
S1, S2, S3 all significantly better.

Based on the Director's for this season.... we can only hope for 1 or 2 good episodes.
07:22pm 18/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
40681 posts
i have to admit, i kept waiting for arya to stab ed or one of his mates, it did all seem a bit too nice for got universe.
07:29pm 18/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
7674 posts
08:25pm 18/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1096 posts
I'm waiting for a shot in episode 2 where Arya is riding away from the camp and all the Lannister soldiers are dead.
09:19pm 18/07/17 Permalink
4027 posts
Pretty sure that scene was to teach Arya that most people are just normal folk getting swept up in the madness of the powerful and don't deserve her wrath.

The worst thing about GoT is all the actors getting cast in other s*** and ruining it. F*** Loras for ruining Iron Fist and the Inhumans looks like a steaming pile of s*** and it's probably all Ramsay's fault.
09:36pm 18/07/17 Permalink
2728 posts
11:44pm 18/07/17 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
9462 posts
rofl, "Pirate wants a wife".
10:39am 20/07/17 Permalink
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