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Neill Blomkamp short film: Rakka
AGN Admin
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Director Neill Blomkamp (District 9, Chappie) has a new short film (about 20 mins), I think the first in a series. It is called Rakka and it is pretty cool. It has Sigourney and is about aliens invading earth (again).

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Brisbane, Queensland
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watched this, this morning.

pretty good. i love blomkamp.

its promoting his new studio.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Holy crap that was good. So much better than Elysium and Chappie.

Sigourney Weaver just got her job back.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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i liked chappie.
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Ballarat, Victoria
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it kind of felt like Falling Skies, without the tacky aliens

the idea of Chappie was much funnier
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Other International
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That South African rap duo ruined Chappie.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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die antwoord.

yer, they were bad, but i was able to get past them.

still cant believe how good the special effects were.
redrawing every frame of chappie and painting out the actor that played him.

would have been a huge effort.
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