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Optus Speed Pack
Brisbane, Queensland
9291 posts

I know this has been somewhat discussed before but can't hurt to revisit!

Our plan is up for renewal with Optus. Looking at their website they offer:

- $60/m unlimited data (upto 30Mbps) speedpack not available; or

- $80/m unlimited data (upto 30Mbps) speedpack available for additional $20 (I don't need/want Fetch and all that other crap that comes with this plan).

We currently have unlimited data, phone and speedpack and pay $110. We no longer even own a home phone, so don't need that.

So my question - during peak times is there really any difference between having the speedpack or not? I've run speed tests and I get well below 30Mbps with the speedpack so I tend to think the speedpack only comes into play in offpeak times.....

Our usage is pretty much just streaming Netflix, You-Tube etc and the son games so multiple demands at once.

Has anyone done, or know of, a comparison?

Cutting my internet cost from $110 to $60 is tempting but not sure if the non-speedpack will cut it.

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My understanding is that you could go on to the $60 plan and upgrade to the more expensive plan without penalty. So, try it out and see!
Make sure you check this with them first, but this is my understanding.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9292 posts
I expect you could do that, I'd be surprised if they would turn down you asking to pay more.... but the website does say no speed pack available with $60 plan and it's a two year contract.

I'd be spewing if the non-speedpack plan was noticeably worse than the speedpack plan in peak times and then I couldn't add the speedpack, which is what the website indicates.

I was just curious if anyone is on Optus cable, without the speedpack, and manages to stream to multiple devices during peak time without issue.

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Brisbane, Queensland
40622 posts
optus is still mega nurfed at nite due to netflix clowns. speedpack makes no difference during this time.

outside of 4pm-1am, speedpack enables mega download speeds. there is no need for it, unless you want to download at 8mb/s

i want to download at 8mb/s. (i have speedpack on unlimited data and its awesome)

wish we could get some more upstream though :(
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Brisbane, Queensland
9293 posts
I already have speedpack and in off peak times I can get 100Mbps.

However I rarely download, especially in off peak so those speeds are kinda useless for me.

We mainly use data (gaming, and streaming You-Tube, Netflix, Stan) in peak times where, even with the speedpack, speeds will drop to 10Mbps or less.

As Spook said, I suspect at the times I mainly use (peak) the speedpack makes no difference due to network congestion.

I just wasn't sure if by having the speedpack I still get better speeds at peak time than if I didn't have the speedpack.

I think I'll change to the $60 plan. I read Optus fine print and you can upgrade to the $80 plan should you wish to add the speedpack. So worst case I have a month of crap internet....


Edit: someones post (after spook and before this one) just disappeared.... :/
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Brisbane, Queensland
9294 posts
Anybody on Telstra cable around Annerley, if so what speeds do you get at peak times?

The plan is $80 a month (500gb 25Mbps) for standard speed - the usual Telstra tax....
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Just running speed tests from speediest.net I get get the full 100/40 (well 95/38 generally) at any time during the day. I'd say not much in the way of legal things need or warrant the 100Mbps but the 40Mbps is nice if you do a lot of cloud syncing. I'd say dropping to 50/20 wouldn't be that noticeable to be honest.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9295 posts
^ you talking NBN?

I'm Optus cable, no NBN in Annerley for another 2 years.

I spoke to the nice Indian man and he hooked me up with:
- unlimited data
- speedpack/boost
- no calls included (no problem, we don't have a home phone)
- no contract

$60 a month.


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Brisbane, Queensland
40629 posts
s***, i need to call through and get that.

we dont need no home calls.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9296 posts
^ yeah, I was paying $110/m including speedpack and unlimited calls but we haven't had a home phone for 6 months after it broke and we never bothered replacing it.

I got that deal on Friday and I called back yesterday to make sure it had switched over and the nice Indian lady assured me the plan was now $60 unlimited data and speedboost.
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Brisbane, Queensland
40630 posts
Check yo plan mission, everything says that deal doesnt come with speedboost.

Wifey tried and got knocked back.

Only basic speedpack 30mbps
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Brisbane, Queensland
9297 posts
Yeah I know the fine print says no speedboost with $60 plan.

Below is email confirmation (for what it's worth) I was sent after I spoke to them and the plan was confirmed yesterday.

They did say that 'My Account' (the new optus portal) isn't syncing correctly at the moment as it still shows my old plan, 'Unlimited Fusion 100mbps'. Until I get a bill I may not really know, but I still have speedboost atm and the plan has supposedly already changed.

$60 plan

unlimited internet

disregard phone

free internet speed booster

no contract

change plan June 16 2017

Jash Optus

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Brisbane, Queensland
40631 posts
u have golden touch bro.

petal tried in vain to get this deal and failed.

mite do a telstra shake down to see if i can get in.

do a speedtest.net for me one morning and post up results!
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Brisbane, Queensland
9298 posts
I literally didn't even ask or haggle for speed pack, he offered straight up with the $60 plan.

Just ran speed test:



So obviously speed pack still working, just have to wait and see what my bill is.
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Brisbane, Queensland
21281 posts
lol suck s*** spook
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
40696 posts
hi mission,

hows this going? im still fighting with optus, you can confirm you have speedpack and only pay $60 a month?

can i have your account number to tell optus i want my account just like yours.


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Brisbane, Queensland
21311 posts
I wouldn't do it mission

You risk them reversing your account

And this tantrum from spook is hilarious
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Definitely on $60 plan (it states this on current bill), although current bill was ~$34 for some reason. Bill also indicates I don't have speedpack.

I'll check when I get home re: speed but last time I did a speed test (a week or tow ago now) it was 60+ so they may have sneakily taken it off since then, not sure.

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Brisbane, Queensland
40697 posts
Thanks bro.

Im fully prepared to leave and jump to telstra, so im getting petal to threaten leaving to see what i can do.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9300 posts
72.41 Mbps so I must still have the speed.
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Brisbane, Queensland
40701 posts
i guess im going to telstra.

optarse say its not possible to get $60 + speed pack :(
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Im currently with telstra NBN unliminted + speedpack (ultimate speed)

$110 per month

92mbs downloads 35mbs uploads @ speedtest.net consistently.

Pretty happy with it compared to my old adsl2+ for $80 per month for 12mbs download speed.

Everything loads instantly when browsing, streaming HD / youtube instantly no buffering etc.
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