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It's State of Origin time... again
Gold Coast, Queensland
25864 posts
First the probable lineups -


1. James Tedesco, 2. Blake Ferguson, 3. Josh Dugan, 4. Jarryd Hayne, 5. Brett Morris, 6. James Maloney, 7. Mitchell Pearce, 8. Aaron Woods, 9. Nathan Peats, 10. Andrew Fifita, 11. Josh Jackson, 12. Boyd Cordner (c), 13. Tyson Frizell

Interchange: 14. David Klemmer, 15. Wade Graham, 16. Jake Trbojevic, 17. Jack Bird


1. Darius Boyd, 2. Corey Oates, 3. Will Chambers, 4. Justin O’Neill, 5. Dane Gagai, 6. Anthony Milford, 7. Cooper Cronk, 8. Dylan Napa, 9. Cameron Smith (C), 10. Nate Myles, 11. Josh Papalii, 12. Matt Gillett, 13. Josh McGuire.

Interchange: 14. Michael Morgan, 15. Sam Thaiday, 16. Aidan Guerra, 17. Jacob Lillyman.

Now I think for the first time since 2007 NSW have a stronger team on paper. If Scott, Thurston and Inglis were fit that would of course be a different story.

Big question marks for NSW are the rookie hooker Peats and of course Pearce. Maybe Pearce will finally have the blinder we've all been waiting for over a decade for but he'll probably suck like he usually does.

QLD will of course be missing their stars but they're still strong with legends Smith and Cronk still in the team. I agree with the non-selection of Slater. He was a sentimental pick, Boyd is the best man for the job. I doubted him last year but he played well and deserves to keep his spot. Inglis and Thurston are both such massive losses and QLD will lose so much in the attack department as a result.

Blues to win 3-0.
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Brisbane, Queensland
12776 posts
Peats will do fine.
Its Hayne that is the disaster in that side.
Dugan should be Fullback
cant believe they left out Jimmy the Jet

I would prefer QLD start with Morgan and bring Milford off the bench.
Oates is a chaotic player, NSW will send him Bombs
Fast track, this could be high scoring game if Hayne and Milf get going

QLD by 7
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Brisbane, Queensland
6279 posts
Blues to win 3-0

Oh dear are you not a Queenslander?...and here I was getting to like you so much.

Queensland will rape them in wheel chairs!!

:) I must admit I haven't followed League for years..I couldn't name any of them. But NFL and the mighty Packers...now were talking!!

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Brisbane, Queensland
21262 posts
milford needs to start as morgan brings more to the utility roll than milford

going to be a tough ask with so many players out

though milfford's speed is something we haven't had in the halves for a long time, should be interesting to see if that has any impact
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Other International
720 posts
I'm a bit of a stats whore, so looking at win/loss is interesting:

State of Origin series
Year Winner Wins Losses Drawn Shield Holder
1982 Queensland 2 1 0 Queensland
1983 Queensland 2 1 0 Queensland
1984 Queensland 2 1 0 Queensland
1985 New South Wales 2 1 0 New South Wales
1986 New South Wales 3 0 0 New South Wales
1987 Queensland 2 1[23] 0 Queensland
1988 Queensland 3 0 0 Queensland
1989 Queensland 3 0 0 Queensland
1990 New South Wales 2 1 0 New South Wales
1991 Queensland 2 1 0 Queensland
1992 New South Wales 2 1 0 New South Wales
1993 New South Wales 2 1 0 New South Wales
1994 New South Wales 2 1 0 New South Wales
1995 Queensland 3 0 0 Queensland
1996 New South Wales 3 0 0 New South Wales
1997 New South Wales 2 1 0 New South Wales
1998 Queensland 2 1 0 Queensland
1999 Draw 1 1 1 Queensland
2000 New South Wales 3 0 0 New South Wales
2001 Queensland 2 1 0 Queensland
2002 Draw 1 1 1 Queensland
2003 New South Wales 2 1 0 New South Wales
2004 New South Wales 2 1 0 New South Wales
2005 New South Wales 2 1 0 New South Wales
2006 Queensland 2 1 0 Queensland
2007 Queensland 2 1 0 Queensland
2008 Queensland 2 1 0 Queensland
2009 Queensland 2 1 0 Queensland
2010 Queensland 3 0 0 Queensland
2011 Queensland 2 1 0 Queensland
2012 Queensland 2 1 0 Queensland
2013 Queensland 2 1 0 Queensland
2014 New South Wales 2 1 0 New South Wales
2015 Queensland 2 1 0 Queensland
2016 Queensland 2 1 0 Queensland
2017 Yet to be played

Wowzer, QLD is dominating. I'm guessing the 2,1 score that keeps repeating has something to do with where the games are played (QLD vs NSW).

How's is it decided where the games will be held?
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6484 posts
As much as I love being a QLDer in Syd during origin time surely NSW has to get up this year.
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Brisbane, Queensland
12777 posts
Surely this is the last time for Pearce ?
Hes been playing well but has failed many times before.
No Farah will prolly help NSW attack.

I have this vision of Hayne packing the s**** with Pearce and having a sook on the field, if that happens QLD will smash'em.

Milford is the future and needs some games under his belt before Thurston and Cronk retire. I pity the NSW player who takes the first run at Dylan Napa.

Anyone going ? I heard Suncorp Stadium has two new big screens.
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Sir Redhat
Sydney, New South Wales
2064 posts
As much as I love being a QLDer in Syd during origin time surely NSW has to get up this year.

It is nice.

Who is going to be the new villain now Gallen is gone?
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Brisbane, Queensland
12780 posts
01:42pm 31/05/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10979 posts
This is the best chance NSW have had in years.
03:12pm 31/05/17 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
25870 posts
Blues will win by about 20 tonight.
07:23pm 31/05/17 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
25871 posts
What a half!
09:06pm 31/05/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
18390 posts
Fpot with the call
09:36pm 31/05/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5326 posts
First half was the highest standard of footy i can remember
09:59pm 31/05/17 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
25872 posts
Holy s*** that was good. QLD's biggest ever loss in Queensland. Either the Blues will win Game 2 and I am going to watch the whitewash, or it's going to be my second decider.

edit: also holy s*** Tedesco. Best game I've seen from a Blues player since Johns Game 2 2005.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7648 posts
Sack Walters
10:19pm 31/05/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
12781 posts
QLD didnt come out for the 2nd half.
Did Tedesco get MOTM ?

QLD seemed to be missing that charisma or air of confidence.
Thought Milf did ok, QLD forwards need some more beef.

Fifita was outstanding again.
Thats the best I can rem seeing NSW play

10:55pm 31/05/17 Permalink
4012 posts
Milf and Gagai were the only dangers for NSW, they need to dump Oneil for Holmes and bring Slater back because Boyd doesn't give them any attack through the middle like Slater does.

The old tired forwards also need to go, it'd be nice if Qld had the depth of selection that NSW does, the props available for NSW in comparison to Qld is insane.

Fifita is a beast and Tedesco was amazing, Mitchel Pierce was even having a great game until he went off concussed. NSW are a real threat of dominating for a few years at least.

The reign of the Immortals may very well be over.
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Brisbane, Queensland
21267 posts
disagree on slater, their attack through the middle from their fullback is the least of their problems and he wouldn't have made a difference last night

as cooper said after the game, having thurston isn't going to be a quick fix either

i think milford silenced his critics, he looked dangerous with the ball even though he was getting s*** ball and no room and he made some good one one one tackles

next game will be pretty interesting, if they can tighten that defense through the middle it will be a good game
08:45am 01/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
18391 posts
QLD was sorely missing Thurston. Going on last years games QLD plays revolved a lot around having him kicking Like A Boss. I wouldn't be surprised if a majority of QLD's best practiced plays involved Thurston kicking, or the threat of him kicking.
As it seemed QLD really lacked in options for plays. There were several moments in the first half where the ball was passed successfully to a seemingly confused player who was undecided on what to do and partially juts stood there and the rest of the team didn't react too much either, as in people not anticipating and getting into positions.

Is he confirmed to be out for Game 2 as well?
09:22am 01/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
366 posts
The attack will always look flat when the forwards are getting rolled. A lot of the large modern forwards can't bend their back so the massive players like Fifita can walk through them. Gillett was cancelled out as all his effort was running sideways trying to cover the larger forwards missed tackles. Matt Scott is the player they're missing the most - they don't have a forward leader. There's no Webcke, Civoniceva, Price, Scott type player. They have to get in Wallace to at least show them how to tackle. Napa went or right but I think got injured??

NSW best pick was leaving Gallen and Farrah out of the side. Cordner is a great team player and by keeping the baggage of those other 2 away from such a young side they are free to play footy.
11:10am 01/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21269 posts
The attack will always look flat when the forwards are getting rolled.

yep thurston being there would not have changed the outcome.
11:49am 01/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
23706 posts
i was at the game and felt like walking out at half time.
03:23pm 01/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
40615 posts
watched this in a sydney pub, wow, horrific.
07:55am 02/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
12787 posts
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Sydney, New South Wales
774 posts
I watched it, I don't take that much interest in Rugby League, but I understand it's very important to QLD.
04:56pm 04/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
12798 posts
Thaiday is GOOOOOONE
* Oates has been sensationally axed from the left wing despite his strong showing in the series opener;

* Thaiday, who turns 33 on Monday, has been dumped — effectively ending his glittering 29-game Origin career; * Cowboys workhorse Gavin Cooper has been recalled at age 31;

* North Queensland’s Justin O’Neill has lost his centre spot after failing to muzzle Jarryd Hayne in Origin I;

* Veteran props Nate Myles and Jacob Lillyman have been dropped, although the latter may get a reprieve with debutant Jarrod Wallace facing suspension for a shoulder charge; and

* Cronulla’s Test flyer Valentine Holmes is tipped to make his debut on the right wing to add some attacking spark.

Hess is in the team too


02:14am 12/06/17 Permalink
5109 posts
QLD Game 2 team is out:

XXXX Queensland Maroons

Billy Slater - Melbourne Storm
Darius Boyd - Brisbane Broncos
Will Chambers - Melbourne Storm
Dane Gagai - Newcastle Knights
Valentine Holmes - Cronulla Sharks
Johnathan Thurston - North Qld Cowboys
Cooper Cronk - Melbourne Storm
Jarrod Wallace - Gold Coast Titans
Cameron Smith - Melbourne Storm
Josh Papalii - Canberra Raiders
Gavin Cooper - North Qld Cowboys
Matt Gillett - Brisbane Broncos
Josh McGuire - Brisbane Broncos
Michael Morgan - North Qld Cowboys
Dylan Napa - Sydney Roosters
Coen Hess - North Qld Cowboys
Tim Glasby - Melbourne Storm

I like the look of this side. Bring it on ! :)
01:19pm 12/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5328 posts
Yeah that team looks far scarier than the game 1 team.
02:27pm 12/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
12805 posts
Bit concerned about Boyd marking the Hayne Plane

QLD have a huge forward pack
This game might be all over in the first 10 mins
Some guys will not walk off the field.

I dont see NSW playing that good again.
We picked out of form forwards and got steam rolled.
NSW beat a QLD side minus at least 5 of their stars, they werent that good.

Losing this game will not be Tolerated.

05:53pm 16/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21277 posts
Bit concerned about Boyd marking the Hayne Plane

why? boyd is a great defender
07:49am 19/06/17 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
25897 posts
Getting a nervous feeling 😣
05:12pm 21/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
40636 posts
just here to complain about the ridiculous starting time again.

can the NRL get anything right?

05:38pm 21/06/17 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
25898 posts
Blues Dynasty.
08:47pm 21/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5329 posts
Wade Graham is really bad
09:54pm 21/06/17 Permalink
Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
21494 posts
wtf how many s*** calls
10:00pm 21/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5330 posts
Hayne and Graham just killing nsw
10:03pm 21/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21282 posts
That kick for goal
10:05pm 21/06/17 Permalink
Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
21495 posts
yeah JT is the man

I said at half time you guys weren't out of it.

Fifita did nothing

McGuire was immense for you guys!!

JT to take MoM up in Brisbane
10:07pm 21/06/17 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
25899 posts

Well I'm going to Game 3 so I guess it will be tense now but I don't want tense!
10:09pm 21/06/17 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
2129 posts

Blues Dynasty.

NOT!!!!! great game special thanks to the greatest showboat to ever live Jarrod Hayne.
10:13pm 21/06/17 Permalink
4014 posts
Wallace and Napa were fantastic but I really think Qld got away with one there.

They just seem slower across the field and most of the hit ups were done by the smaller backs with the front rowers going missing for entire sets. How many times did they keep going wide only to get thrown out?

I thought the officiating was s*** in the first half for Qld and s*** in the second half for NSW, so about even guess.
10:23pm 21/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21283 posts
Yep the qld forwards need a re-think, papali is just too slow for starters

They were trying to go around them because they had no ascendancy in the middle. Going side ways only works when you have guys going forward in the middle.

10:34pm 21/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
7706 posts
in what f*****g universe is this considered insufficient evidence of being out?
10:45pm 21/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
12815 posts
I dont see any part of his Boot touching the line... in way that could be enough evidence to overrule the original call. Dude cant you see the green ?


... and 2017

MoTM for QLD was Hayne, he really lifted QLD when they had to go up a gear.
What a gutsy win, Gaigai was outstanding again.
NSW up 1 - 0 in a Series and by 10 points at half time at Home, has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, What a Choke.

What happened to NSW ?
11:25pm 21/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21284 posts
his heal was over the line but it was in the air

i don't see qld winning game 3 unless their forwards do something different or they pick some different forwards or something, nsw won't let them off the hook like that in game 3 with the series on the line.
07:38am 22/06/17 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
803 posts

It doesn't even matter. What ever lead NSW had at half time was doomed.

PS: I think it was rude they kept calling that Qld player "Gay Guy".
09:34am 22/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
23720 posts
Nmag made a funneh. That game was thrilling.
09:39am 22/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
7708 posts
don't you plant the heel of of your forward foot first when running? there's no way it could have been in the air for the entire stride.

I agree that Hayne still would've found a way to lose it for NSW though.
11:27am 22/06/17 Permalink
4015 posts
The Hayne bashing is a little ironic since he has single-handedly won them games before.

I just hope they don't replace him with Trobabsbdccxzvic, he is in my fantasy team and plays the bye.
12:48pm 22/06/17 Permalink
Cairns, Queensland
16755 posts
Just f***en give the refs maroon jerseys next time.
02:23pm 22/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21285 posts

classic sportsbet FB page
02:35pm 22/06/17 Permalink
4016 posts
So last game for Thurston, probably Cronk and maybe even Smith for game 3. I think that will give the edge to Qld for the decider but holy s*** are we f***ed for the next few years.
04:22pm 22/06/17 Permalink
4017 posts
01:02pm 23/06/17 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
25903 posts
Milford's out too. Yay Blues will win Game 3 and I'll be there to see it.
02:38pm 23/06/17 Permalink
Sir Redhat
Sydney, New South Wales
2085 posts
Who is kicker if thurston isn't? This is a disaster.
02:39pm 23/06/17 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
25904 posts
Cameron Smith is an accomplished kicker (despite his bad miss in Game 1). He kicks for the Storm.

edit: Boyd is out too.
02:50pm 23/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
367 posts
don't you plant the heel of of your forward foot first when running? there's no way it could have been in the air for the entire stride.

Your heel shouldn't touch the ground even when just jogging; sprinting - definitely not.
04:31pm 23/06/17 Permalink
6491 posts
learn how 2 sprint reload lel

Edit: still think its nsw's year :( their forwards are too good
10:11am 24/06/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21301 posts
I think my greatest state of origin moment will be trainer Alan Langer catching the ball after NSW kick it out on the full in the dying minutes to seal the series win for QLD.
10:35pm 12/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
12840 posts
QLD won without
Corey parker
Greg Ingliss
Matt Scott
Darius Boyd

and NSW still couldnt sink the pink.


AND NOW... 2017
QLD crowd was loud early in the first half then Channel 9 took them out of the mix. When are we going to get a QLD only call for Origin ?
12:08am 13/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21302 posts
When are we going to get a QLD only call for Origin ?

that would be stupid

when are we going to get fox sports live coverage
12:52pm 13/07/17 Permalink
2722 posts
I don't follow any footy or any sport but I just want to say what happened yesterday while I was at this training course.

A few guys were talking about the footy and this bloke Will shows up. He seems very passionate about Origin. This other guy jake says "f*** queensland" in a general sporting sense, Will took mighty butt hurt offence to this and was almost yelling. Will, telling Jake to f*** off and I imagine there if Jake opened his mouth much more Will would have chucked a major wobbly.

Myself and this guy Ben were like "Wut the f***". All this anger and tension over a game. Crazy f*****g people out there when it comes to sport. I am surprised there aren't organised fights between footy fans here in Aus like there are in Euroland with soccer fans/hooligans.
02:14am 14/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
12844 posts
lol i heard there had been some changes at photobucket.
you got to pay $100 a year or something to host pics now.
02:40am 14/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21304 posts
Haha is that legit facey?
03:43pm 16/07/17 Permalink
Sir Redhat
Sydney, New South Wales
2101 posts
Yeah it was, I saw it in a cafe down here.

lols dynasty.
06:56pm 16/07/17 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
25935 posts
07:40pm 16/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21305 posts
Well they certainly have a dynasty... of sorts
08:48pm 16/07/17 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
25936 posts
They died nasty.
08:51pm 16/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
23734 posts
A dynasty of LOSING
08:52pm 16/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
40677 posts
So thaiday is gone from everything this year?
11:42am 17/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
12847 posts
Maybe this will explain NSW performance...

Daley wanted Klemmer to start and Fifita to come off the bench
Daley told Klemmer and other senior players knew and thought it was a good plan.

Then Daley told Fifita who threw a great big Tantrum and demanded that he start.
So Daley backed down and it upset the Senior players that the Coach was overruled by a player or maybe a Selector ?

11:16pm 17/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21307 posts
So thaiday is gone from everything this year?

he will be playing for the broncos next year

Then Daley told Fifita who threw a great big Tantrum and demanded that he start.

i don't think it explains the performance but sure is funny as f*** if it is true and completely believable given fifita's last tantrum when he wasn't picked in the australian team for being a semi-criminal

anyone involved with the queensland team is happy to be considered for any position let alone whether they are on the bench of not.

they just don't get it.
07:57am 18/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
12848 posts
But Wait ! theres still more...

Dugan and Ferguson had the day off on the friday before the game and went with friends to Lennox Head pub and drunk for 8 hrs and were still hungover the next day and hidden from the Media.
Also a Journalist with the team had their car graffitied LOL


QLD to win next year too.
11:10am 18/07/17 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21308 posts
01:02pm 18/07/17 Permalink
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