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Another has fallen...Extratorrent is no more
Tanaka Khan
Brisbane, Queensland
5761 posts
Seems Extratorrent has taken upon itself to close it's doors forever.

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Other International
713 posts
F***. I feel like torrenting is going down the s****** real fast.

What's going on...
08:42pm 18/05/17 Permalink
Ballarat, Victoria
4198 posts

instead of inside sources supplying to scene groups who supply p2p, there are hackers trying on extortion for withholding a season of a TV show, that aren't being paid but which bring the attention of law enforcement...
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Brisbane, Queensland
40601 posts
my torrent solution is still going strong as ever.
05:56am 19/05/17 Permalink
4011 posts
The problem with Torrents going, is that they are useful for the little hard to find things.

I mean everyone should have a VPN by now especially if you are torrenting, so if it's TV you're after then you can just stream it directly from a legit US site. Most movies find their way onto Netflix a month after the Bluray rips are out and there is at least a dozen music streaming site which have decent free streaming options.

But if you want to get a copy of some old Linux distribution you remember seeing as a kid or an open source software library that is no longer supported and isn't on Netflix then torrent sites are usually the best option.
10:28am 19/05/17 Permalink
2690 posts
I still use torrents and will continue to do so until I am not able to or something better comes along. I can still find torrents for old games and for obscure movies and what-not.
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