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John Wick Chapter 2
Tanaka Khan
Brisbane, Queensland
5717 posts
So I'm really looking forward to seeing John Wick Chapter 2, it was released on the 10th of Feb in most countries, most countries that is except Australia which hasn't even been given a bloody listing for it (according to IMDB).
Release dates

Has anyone heard anything about this and/or when we might expect a release date?

And they wonder why Australians are pirates...
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Melbourne, Victoria
64 posts
Hey Tanaka Khan.
According wikepedia, its due for release here April 20th

and a couple of sites have mentioned straight to DVD here?????
So it anyones guess at the moment. I know the missus is hanging out for it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
23625 posts
Yeah, April 20th is what I heard too, which is pretty ridiculous, will probably be out on bluray overseas before cinemas here. Australia was apparently the 3rd biggest market worldwide for the original film too, boggles the mind how they could screw this up so hard
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Tanaka Khan
Brisbane, Queensland
5718 posts
Never thought to look on Wikipedia for it, that's a bloody shame.
The first one slipped through the cracks but I thought it was an awesome movie and you'd think having an Aussie playing one of the main villains (Ruby Rose) we might have gotten lucky with an earlier release for the sequel.
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Brisbane, Queensland
23606 posts
first John Wick was sick. Can't wait for Keanu to cut loose again.
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Tanaka Khan
Brisbane, Queensland
5719 posts
F*****g Estonia gets to see it before us
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I have not seen the first one. but I hear it's good. Releasing it in Estonia before us is hilarious. 1.3 million population.
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Brisbane, Queensland
23626 posts
It's released in 60 markets worldwide already. I didn't even know there were 60 different markets that movies were released in, but they're all ahead of us
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Brisbane, Queensland
7574 posts
Did they kill another dog of his?

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Brisbane, Queensland
1922 posts
First one was great! I can't believe they're still doing this later release bulls***. I can't wait for all the old production execs to just die and make way for technology. You old bats.
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Thanks for the reminder, will go see it this weekend :D
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
2163 posts
I recall reading something about it not having been submitted for Classification in AU (being the reason for its delay)
I heard someone at work saying similar happened with a movie last year and he went home and found it sitting on the SEN with his PlayStation...

The gunplay and close combat of the first flick were awesome; and some Keanu has published some vids of him drilling with firearms ahead of the sequels being filmed. I am too keen for this flick. I hope it's a similarly simple story so we can cut away the attempt at a narrative and simply show combat badassery in its finest format!
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Brisbane, Queensland
7576 posts
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