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Anti-virus programs, do you use them, on what devices, and why
Brisbane, Queensland
5115 posts
I was listening to the non-abc radio's today and I heard one or two ads for antivirus programs included in you purchase, one was for PC, which has been a standard thing for awhile, and the other for an apple tablet, which got me to thinking, wtf?

now i'm sure there are a heap of people downloading the pron on tablets, and I can see how it would be a device at risk, but last time I used something like nortons it was a hog, and slowed the everything down

currently i use a mix of MSE, and sophos on my PC (sophos comes and goes to be frank) (win 7)
MSE on my tablet and laptop, (win 8 and win 7)
and nothing on my phone, cause I haven't seen a need (andriod)
my other laptop is only used for classic minesweeper, and the processor name ends in 86, and starts with 4, so hardly a target (it's like full retro hipster to use, I'm sure)

so what are other people's thoughts, is there merit in more than MSE, should phones have antivirus if being used for normal stuff (not opening email attachments, etc)
03:14pm 03/08/14 Permalink
03:14pm 03/08/14 Permalink
Reverend Evil™
Wynnum, Queensland
21946 posts
I was about to say I have MS security essentials but I just went to check and I don't think I installed it after the last format. lol Anyway, using AVG, Super Antispyware and have no-script installed for Firefox.

I don't have anything on my fone because I very, very rarely use it for anything other then texts and making calls.
03:27pm 03/08/14 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
498 posts
MSE on the PCs
"Avast!" on the old XPs
and "Lookout" on the androids, to find or clear the device if lost. It scans the apps as well.
03:31pm 03/08/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1032 posts
I use Avg - it's sheisse I know but I compliment it with a large serving of discretion and common sense. :)
04:01pm 03/08/14 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
2367 posts
I use Avira on PCs (free version) and AVG on phone ... barely have an issue, it's more just because of those backdoor worms I heard about, figured it's best to have some kind of security on there.

Or maybe I'm being paranoid and they do nothing anyway.
04:20pm 03/08/14 Permalink
Adelaide, South Australia
63 posts
Just Windows defender, but i have all sorts security and anti virus etc on a usb just in case, and i think it's pretty unlikely some will Watch dog your phone.
04:54pm 03/08/14 Permalink
Pablitos Way
Melbourne, Victoria
101 posts
Was using AVG until someone recommended Comodo been using it ever since. No complaints, seems to be doing it's job.
05:21pm 03/08/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
38219 posts
MSE on all the machines i build and my own.
05:24pm 03/08/14 Permalink
7923 posts
havnt you heard? all av is now pointless since USB can now be hacked #badusb
06:56pm 03/08/14 Permalink
1781 posts
I use MSE. I like how its unobtrusive and simple.
09:13pm 03/08/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21888 posts
I always figured MSE was just a barebones kind of deal that was better than nothing if you had nothing else to use, rather than a preferable choice. Never really looked into it much tbh, but found this which seems to be along the lines of what I was thinking.

I use AVG at home, cos its whats on the PCs at work and seems to do the job with minimal impact. I can't even remember the last time I had a problem with any sort of virus or malware on my PC, but with the malware getting nastier and nastier these days, I figured better safe than sorry just in case. On my phone though, never bothered with it, I don't install dodgy apps or go to dodgy websites on it, or plug it into random PCs that aren't mine, so I don't see a need really.
09:28pm 03/08/14 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
2277 posts
I use MSE

Webroot at work and nothing on my devices.... (Should I?)
07:44am 04/08/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6286 posts
ESET NOD 32 on my computers and nothing on my iPhone
08:37am 04/08/14 Permalink
2329 posts
None. (MSE)
10:35am 04/08/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
7499 posts
none. i was using avast! but stopped a few years ago.
11:48am 04/08/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
16110 posts

Used to use AVG then it got massivly Bloated and really unfriendly to use.

Then used avast! but got the s**** with it spamming me about X virus is really bad maybe you should upgrade!111one

So now just MSE, which may or may not be updated.

I have malewarebtyes and something else of which never shows a problem when I run them.
02:37pm 04/08/14 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
8380 posts
I use ESET NOD 32 on my PC and bareback my phone (no cover, no AV)
08:08pm 04/08/14 Permalink
I can't read
Brisbane, Queensland
5469 posts
I have a Mac so don't need any AV.
11:07pm 04/08/14 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
21891 posts
A Mac! What happened reso, you used to be cool :(
10:43am 05/08/14 Permalink
2339 posts
I have a Mac so don't need any AV.

All the best rootkits run on linux OS's.
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