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Where to store passwords?
Brisbane, Queensland
646 posts
Hi all

I've setup a website and associated social website accounts like facebook/twitter/instagram etc. So there are lots of different usernames and passwords. I need a couple of other moderators to be able to access them.

Are there any good solutions for storing passwords that are accessible by multiple people?

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Not sure how you're going about it - but on Facebook you typically set up a page/group and add facebook users as admins. This means they are dealing with all their own passwords. I'm not sure about twitter and instagram though.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2840 posts
I use keypass and have the keypass file stored in dropbox/google drive which my wife has access to.

We only have to remember 2 passwords, our respective google/dropbox password and the password to the keypass file.
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Brisbane, Queensland
647 posts
Facebook wasn't a good example... but pinterest, tumblr, web hosting, cpanel, all that stuff.

I'll check that out groganus

Anyone use lastpass?
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Brisbane, Queensland
2842 posts
I've tried it, its not a terrible product.

I tried it, it does the job I needed to be able to access my passwords from my mobile if im out and about, and last pass makes you pay for mobile.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10943 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
5913 posts
I use keypass at work and lastpass+yubikey at home
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Brisbane, Queensland
12025 posts

Keepass + Dropbox/Onedrive/Google/whichever flavour. Use it at home and at work.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4896 posts
Lastpass is great. plenty of options for form filling and profiles.

I tried it, it does the job I needed to be able to access my passwords from my mobile if im out and about, and last pass makes you pay for mobile.

that's if you want the app, i just use the Lastpass browser when i can't remember a password, for iOS at least.
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
37663 posts
I use PWSafe.

Make sure whatever you use is open source (Keepass is also open source, LastPass is not).
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Other International
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Been using KeePass for years, great software and very portable.
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Other International
2350 posts
I use http://www.clipperz.com/ - pretty cool and only one I could find that didn't want me to download software clients to my various devices (that'd be a huge pain!).
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Brisbane, Queensland
22834 posts
I would be having one master user who has control over everything and then giving other users their own write access passwords. That way if one of them gets the s**** they can't just change the password and f*** everyone up. Having one password used by multiple users is just asking for trouble unless you know where each of them lives and you can go round with your cuzzybros if they step out of line.
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one point twenty one
Gold Coast, Queensland
61 posts
Lastpass now has an enterprise version, I think?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I can't read
Brisbane, Queensland
5433 posts
passwords.txt on your desktop and just email it around whenever it is updated
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Brisbane, Queensland
4961 posts
tattoo on the inside of your eyelids, the murder the tattoo artist so that no one knows your passwords

otherwise, maybe this might be a little low tech, but a little card in your wallet (not stating which service used to do that with the s*** ton of passwords/codes when i worked at the bank (they changed monthly and had anyone found them they would have looked like odd notes, or account numbers, not much use)
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Brisbane, Queensland
648 posts
Alright thanks guys I'll look into these suggestions
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New Zealand
2417 posts
I like how Ausgamers wont let you post your personal email password on this site.

You can type it but it shows up hidden. See..


Cool aye.
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Sydney, New South Wales
8358 posts
I recommend keepass. Been using it for years. Only complaint is that there's no ChromeOS version.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10417 posts
Lastpass now has an enterprise version, I think?

allegedly ;)

data retrieval isn't simple
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