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Never trust people on the internet
Gold Coast, Queensland
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I laughed my tits off at this.

I have to share. I lost my s*** at the wrestler picture.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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love it,
08:21pm 25/03/14 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
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I remember seeing that years ago. Guess that's why all the forum posts are cropped so you can't see a timestamp
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Melbourne, Victoria
1383 posts

Original source with all the posts here -

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Brisbane, Queensland
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i start by never trusting people on qgl to post new content
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Im a little ashamed to say this but...Ive never seen that before.

f***en pissa.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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and baz you should be ashamed, just like when you got your grade 3 results

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Sydney, New South Wales
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There you go, four years ago. Damn I've got a good memory for images of men jumping through the air on their bikes.
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It was setup, like a million other photoshop threads on Some funny shops though, and the stencil one is genius.
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Just as an aside. This seen below in the original Jurasic Park is a shocker. Its were the ladle falls off the end of the bench and gets the attention of the Raptor. In the scene, you see the stage hand who is not very well hidden push the ladle off with his finger. I think we counted 20 odd bloopers in 5 minutes around that scene.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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^ in that scene id imagine all those reflections would have been a film nightmare.

But yeah there was some graphic design section at GA that was ancient before i even started to post there. Never got used. But from GA lore the posting of images and the messing of them was the kind of shenanigans that went on. Then there was the "post an image of yourself thread" someone created in general. Turned the way of all good GA threads when certain folks decided to hound and witch hunt anyone not "brave" enough to post up their pic. Good times.

As to the thread title Id say you can trust people on the internet to do exactly what they did with his image. Set your smartphone clock by it.

The issue i see from how it all played out is that the guy never really owned his image and even worse: lost his s*** over it getting appropriated. And he was the one who posed it up in the 1st place. So not only was he silly his poor reaction just made him come off as really forum noob.

It must also be said its a pretty terrible photo.
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somebody do a photoshop
As to the thread title Id say you can trust people on the internet to do exactly what they did with his image. Set your smartphone clock by it.

nobody can make a dude in a fedora and a samurai dress more pathetic with photoshop. you can rest easy.
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Im guessing flat brim cap with thongs bookz.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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But from GA lore the posting of images and the messing of them was the kind of shenanigans that went on.

So like any other forum on the internet, keep thinking your from some unique magical place though.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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yup baz you wont see me in thongs that often - whilst living in japan i did have this nasty toe infection thing that made wearing closed shoes a drama so i did wear geta (kinda wooden soled Japanese thongs) while that healed

And groganus try to be intense, aggressive and unpleasant and of course get angry for no reason some more please.
10:36pm 27/03/14 Permalink
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I was thinking Ha was a flat brim and thongs person bookz.

I would have bet my left nut you didnt wear thongs, lol.
11:04pm 27/03/14 Permalink
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lol. i am stunned you went to glorious nippon. of course that allows you to wear that thing. did you find a subservient nipponese wife that could look past your gaijin exterior and find your samurai spirit? or are you still a lonely otaku wandering around melbourne (our sophisticated city) not getting looked at twice because peoples mothers taught them not to gape at retards?
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Mmm baz i knew what you meant but to be just a little direct perhaps just now isn't the most appropriate time to be making remarks about the character (or whatever) of a person based on that persons appearance? Or even the other way around. It might be seen, by some, to be a tad hypocritical in light of Ha's own somewhat myopic fixation on my sense of style or choice of party garment.

tho from the way Ha is trolling so hard he certainly seems to be trying to provoke some kind of response? I wonder what his little game is? Not that it matters, he certainly is an interesting specimen, and it takes all kinds
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Melbourne, Victoria
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This reminds of fpot and the slugman photo. So true.
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GOLD... cracked me up
02:11pm 28/03/14 Permalink
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he certainly is an interesting specimen,

is it a party garment now? was it rainbow dash's birthday? i've never seen a party that required me to dress as a brony
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Perth, Western Australia
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some unique magical place though.

not magical - it was kept too real and not many people could handle it... even the internet itself couldn't handle it and had to expunge it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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trust is a five-letter word

stick with 4 eh

it gets sticky
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Brisbane, Queensland
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still - if you're a reader...
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