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SteamOS Now Available for Linux Enthusiasts
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Brisbane, Queensland
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As promised Valve Software this morning released the first public distribution of SteamOS, its ambitious Linux-based operating system targeting at bringing the PC into the loungeroom.

AusGamers now has a download mirror for the 960MB installer right here, or you can get it directly from Valve's official repository.

A new sitelet on the Steam website explains the current state of the software, cautioning that in it's current form it's very much for tinkering enthusiasts only, and non-technical users should steer well clear for the time being.
So, what is SteamOS Beta?

SteamOS Beta is an early, first-look public release of our Linux-based operating system. The base system draws from Debian 7, code named Debian Wheezy. Our work builds on top of the solid Debian core and optimizes it for a living room experience. Most of all, it is an open Linux platform that leaves you in full control. You can take charge of your system and install new software or content as you want.

So, what is it not?

As an early release, much is changing, so expect rough edges. In its current state, SteamOS is definitely not a finished product ready for a non-technical user.

Most importantly, it currently only supports a certain set of hardware (you can read more in our FAQ). We are hard at work to expand this list.

That being said, we already use it in our living rooms. We are excited about what it is and what it will become. And the more of you do the same and tell us about your experiences, the quicker those rough edges will be sanded off.

Users should not consider SteamOS as a replacement for their desktop operating system. SteamOS is being designed and optimized for the living room experience.
Importing points of note for those considering checking it out:
  • installation currently requires a harddrive wipe, so it cannot be used in a dual-boot scenario yet -- you will lose all of your data if you try.
  • AMD brand GPUs are reportedly not currently supported, it's Nvidia only at present, and 64-bit processor is mandatory also.
  • UEFI boot support is required, so it won't currently function with older BIOS-only motherboards.
If none of that sways you download it locally from AusGamers.

Update: You can now also download the 2.41GB SteamOS System Restore installation option here from AusGamers.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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So does this mean we'll see devs go back to the days of old and offering a linux binary for download somewhere? Like how, years ago, you could copy the pak files from a windows quake install onto a linux box, download a linux binary of the game and go nuts.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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servers are getting hammered
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AGN Admin
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Can it be run off a USB key?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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This forum thread has people trying to get it to run from USB. There is an installer that might work. However at the moment it looks like it isn't really support for USB booting.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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There are also work arounds for isntalling without UEFI.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Do you have a link for the uefi workaround? because my laptop doesn't wanna install via the USB and I'm guessing its cause of uefi.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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