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TV Show: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Avengers spinoff)
Gold Coast, Queensland
521 posts
Just found out about a new TV Show - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, it's based on the Avengers movie universe; has Robin (HIMYM) in it and all.

I've been warned not to watch the trailer because they based it entirely on the first episode, so massive spoilers, but otherwise it's worth checking out. Apparently it was on channel 7 tonight, this page has a 30 second trailer, not too bad and confirms the time.

Did anyone catch it? How do you rate?
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10657 posts
it seemed incredibly uninspired.
12:50am 26/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5230 posts
Yeah quite average to be honest.
08:19am 26/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
17473 posts
i enjoyed it, 7/10. i will keep watching it for now.
10:29am 26/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
7870 posts
yawn. 3/10
10:38am 26/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3032 posts
Pretty tragic...considering that episode was a pilot...what were they thinking when doing the final scene? Was that Men in Black moment suppose to keep me wanting more?
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Brisbane, Queensland
4067 posts
Didnt watch but assumed it would be a spin off to appeal to the fan boys rather than a solid show for the masses.
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Brisbane, Queensland
17477 posts
Pretty tragic...considering that episode was a pilot

pilot's are usually pretty bad.
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Melbourne, Victoria
366 posts
Pretty ho-hum, I'm hopping it picks up a bit, really just for the sake of more of these kind of shows, cross-overs to happen, but I didn't even last through the whole first ep, so not much hope for me.
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Albury/Wodonga, Victoria
2 posts
it was decent, but i agree that the last scene with the car was pretty ridiculous.

I am hoping it improves and becomes more grounded.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
522 posts
Ok watched it - it got some laughs out of me, seemed entertaining enough. I'll keep watching for now.

Not sure how the flying car is ridiculous compared to the flying air craft carrier in the movie but yeah sure ... we can complain about that if you like.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3284 posts
Ok watched it - it got some laughs out of me, seemed entertaining enough. I'll keep watching for now.Not sure how the flying car is ridiculous compared to the flying air craft carrier in the movie but yeah sure ... we can complain about that if you like.

Yeah, I don't get all the whinging about the flying car, it was such a minor and insignificant thing to pick on especially when it's apparently in the comics.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7007 posts
It came off as a poor homage to Back to the Future's closing scene.
09:38pm 26/09/13 Permalink
15 posts
I was greatly underwhelmed. Compared to Arrow (similar vein of show) it fell quite short. Story was not engaging and it just seemed cheap. Would not bang.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1536 posts
Just watched it then, not bad alot of corny jokes and character introductions and closing up the Avengers movie with some unanswered questions etc which was to be expected the first few moments with the xray plate etc was a bit far-fetched at first until I remember the giant cloaked floating aircraft carrier and then I remembered this is the Marvel universe with superheroes so flying cars are okay.

7/10 will keep watching hopefully the 2nd episode sets the show on it's own direction it will be interesting to see if it has cameo appearances with Thor/Ironman etc especially with Thors new movie could the season end leading into the movie?
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Brisbane, Queensland
2692 posts
Found it a bit awkward to watch, but it has potential to improve and become joss whedon greatness...

I'm a tad worried it will be a bit PG and miss out on the great Joss Whedon cheeky humour and thus always stay way to corny.
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Brisbane, Queensland
21145 posts
On the topic of comic book inspired tv shows, this sounds like it could be pretty interesting

Especially if they take their influences from the Gotham Central books
10:19am 27/09/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4507 posts
i missed this but will catch up and check it out

hoping The Blacklist stacks up but ever since i discovered HBO and AMC, and even Netflix now, I'm finding most network TV produced shows a bit tame and lame

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Brisbane, Queensland
4521 posts
Quite enjoyed The Blacklist.

What did everyone think of it?
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Brisbane, Queensland
10293 posts
Just watched the first episode, not sure what the complaints were about Spoiler:
a flying car when the whole place is filled with superheroes.
That kind of nitpicking is just absurd.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10746 posts
Shield 1st episode was kinda lame but better 2nd episode.
I might even watch again.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
525 posts
After 2nd episode ... going to keep watching.

Guest appearance a nice touch, def wanting more of that!
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Brisbane, Queensland
10294 posts
Yep definitely agree, second episode was heaps better, great bonding session at the end.
11:03pm 02/10/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
22218 posts
Quite enjoyed The Blacklist.

What did everyone think of it?

ugh, I stopped watching it when they drove that guys daughter into the trap with the "chemical spill". I mean come on, that s*** was so cliche and obvious. Any show that makes me go "no you idiots, it's obviously a trap" deserves no quarter.
12:04am 03/10/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1179 posts
I'll keep watching SHIELD, but it had better improve soon. The writing is probably the worst of any Whedon show to date. And I don't know if it's the actors or the director, but all the acting is stilted and unemotional.

Also that cliche thing where the scientists babble nonsense and then someone tells them to "speak english" was already old the first time, but they've done that about 5 times now. Doctor Who does the same thing. It's a really cheap and easy way to show us they're smart, but it's not clever.
06:45am 03/10/13 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
527 posts
I agree but they have to cater to the masses, so they'll use generic lines here and there for those that aren't too bright and need certain quotes defused in that fashion. Plus I'm sure it's written for kids too ... it's very Disney.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
539 posts
So ... she looked just a bit amazing in latest ep.

Graviton's birth, nice.

Can't find a reason to stop watching, it's a good show.
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Sydney, New South Wales
2 posts
I have avoided this so far, and being a com,ics reader for 40 odd years, that may seem weird, but inevitably whenever I start watching something like this, I miss 1 or 2 episodes and it screws up the continuity, so I'll wait til its released on Bluray and watch it all at once, like I am currently doing with Arrow Season 1.
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Brisbane, Queensland
11940 posts

Horrible show with a horrible script with horrible actors and a its just lame.
10:07am 10/10/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
17517 posts
i've stopped watching it for now. there's better shows to watch and it will save me some internet usage.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
540 posts
Ok won't start another thread but did anyone here watch a show called "The Tomorrow People" on ABC back in the day?

It was basically some kids who had weird powers and were trying to work out what they were about. Looks like they've remade it and seriously modernized and darkened it. Might be worth checking out.

Trailer (I haven't watched it so not sure it has any spoilers):

12:04am 11/10/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
17518 posts
the tomorrow people wasn't too bad.

new season arrow started as well. looks like he'll finally be calling himself green arrow from now on. also, black canary was kind of badass.
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