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World of Warplanes Retail Release pushed to 12/13 November 2013
Brisbane, Queensland
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You have come to expect from us exceptional gameplay, and we intend to deliver on that expectation from day one. We believe it is imperative to release our game only when it is ready; to do otherwise feels disloyal and is likely to frustrate our amazing community of pilots.

With that in mind, we've shifted the release date of World of Warplanes to November 12th (or 13th depending on your time zone) to be certain we can offer our players a rich and immersive multiplayer experience when the game ships.

This gives you the chance to gain one free aircraft at release for 700 battles flown, and another purchased for tokens remains after release. Add to this that if you save your tokens (240 earned daily) you can purchase premium time just before release and it will still count in the game post release.

In other words if you purchase 1 month premium @ 2500 Tokens, it gets credited to your WoWP NA and WoT NA accounts and doesn't get wiped. Unfortunately you can only earn 12960 tokens between now and release, but that is 5 months premium time.

Other info at the above link.

BTW the 5.3 patch is due soon where the British line are finally in the game.

British planes added:

Gloster Goldfinch
Bristol Bulldog
Hawker Demon
Bristol Type 13
Blackburn Skua
Bristol Type 14
Bristol Blenheim F
Supermarine Spitfire I
Bristol Beaufighter
Supermarine Spitfire V
De Havilland Mosquito
Supermarine Spitfire IX
De Havilland Hornet
Supermarine Spitfire XIV
Westland P. 1056.
Supermarine Attacker
Gloster P. 228.
Supermarine Swift
Gloster Javelin
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