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Gmail Issues
2021 posts
Hey guys,

In the last couple of days my gmail account has appeared to of lost all of its, sent mail and all of my inbox.

There are 4 emails in there but they are from the last 2 days.

Anyone else experiencing problems?? I checked the service status page etc and it said there was issues but they were about a week ago.

And I also cannot find anywhere to e-mail gmail etc to tell them?!
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Change your password.
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could have been comprimised!?!

generally tells u if something weird happens though yeah?!

who the f*** would delete my inbox/sent mail?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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check your login history you've been hacked.

set up the 2 step login as well, the sms code thats sent to you after you put your password in.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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who the f*** would delete my inbox/sent mail?

Someone who doesn't want you to see what they have done with your email account. Could have been used for all sorts of activities and now you have 0 idea what they were.
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2023 posts
f**** sakes.


been doing a bit of reading and from what I can tell, a few people in the last few days have experienced the same issue.

However, gmail say they cant rectify it.

Reckon there would be anyway that gmail would do backups of accounts and perhaps would be able to restore mine from a month ago perhaps?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I know their Business one (that you pay for) would be able to do that. The Free one? Probably not.
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
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Back it up yourself is always a good idea. Quick Google search :

edit: actually that guide might suck. If you reopen Tbird and it syncs after your Gmail is wiped I assume you'll just lose all your local content.
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2024 posts

no evidence of someone hacking me etc.

Cant even find a way to contact gmail support?!

Would just like to atleast ask them if they can tell whats happened etc.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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Take a quick gander and make sure that there aren't any rules setup to forward or delete your incoming mail.

(Under the Settings menu select 'filters' and make sure nothing strange or wonderful has been put in there.)

I doubt it's of any use to the stuff that has gone missing, but it might make the address usable at least.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I don't know how to contact support, but i do know that you can submit a form for compromised accounts.. but i'm not sure what the deal is when gmail has lost all your emails.. keep the thread up to date, i'm listening (every 8 hours or so)
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