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Recommend me a wifi router/modem #23C912
Gippsland, Victoria
1767 posts
I am moving to a new place and it's two storey and has more than myself living there so I need a better router. I've had bad luck in the past with wifi routers. So seeing what's recommended.

I'll be with telstra ADSL2+. Was thinking of the Billion 7800N Kinda wanna keep it under $150


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Brisbane, Queensland
7905 posts
Yeah do it, billion are solid

I've got a 7300 that is so old the plastic is brown from heat, hasn't lost sync in years

I reckon the 7700N is good enough too, don't think the extra antenna's actually help, so unless you want GBit?
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I have no idea about Modem/Routers. Maybe this will help.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7906 posts
^ Don't listen to this psycho
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Brisbane, Queensland
6414 posts
Just bought another 7800N for up here in Mackay. Great unit and good wifi signal. Piece of cake to install over wife or cabled.
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Brisbane, Queensland
35180 posts
i have experienced joy and happyness with my tplink
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Brisbane, Queensland
10825 posts
I just bought another TP-Link. They are good.
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Sydney, New South Wales
3594 posts
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I've been using the billion 7800N for around 18 months or so, they're not too bad but I did have to reduce some connection settings in torrent client cos it'd s*** itself all the time doing all the connection tracking. not as awesome as a lot of ppl on here make out but definitely not bad
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Perth, Western Australia
333 posts
I purchased a Billion 7800VDPX back in December as my old modem started going flakey.

Back then the product was abit new but after the latest firmware upgeade in Jan it has been working flawlessly for ADSL and SIP. The original firmware version had some SIP issues with Pennytel.

If you are in an area which is getting the NBN 'soon' you may want to look at the 7800NXL as it has the e-wan port which should be suitable.
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Brisbane, Queensland
35181 posts
my tplink wireless just shat itself today :(
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1397 posts
It's a tad more expensive that you're talking about, but I'm f*****g sold that it is, hands down, the best unit on the market.

I heartily recommend the Frizbox! 7390.
Awesome unit, amazing reliability and high sync speeds.

I think they're still around the $280 mark off the top of my head, but I can't recommend enough the 'set and forget' nature of the unit. In the last 12-15 months I recall it needing to be 'restarted' (once due to the phone line literally being severed between the street and the Modem) twice in that time.

(I also went 'the whole shebang' and bought the Fritz fon for VOIP, and when used together they are very easy to setup and use).
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Brisbane, Queensland
6620 posts
Linksys brah
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1958 posts
Draytek FTW
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Brisbane, Queensland
9904 posts
I used to recommend buying 2 consumer level modems made by Linsys/Netgear/Billion/Netcomm/etc at the same time, setting up the original, saving it's config and then load that config to the 'backup' so it's always there to just be plugged in and have everything working in the event of a failure, though I've since learned the hard way that this junk decomposes slowly but surely in my little corner of the world ever if it's not been used for a year or two.

Just buy something cheap that does the job dude.

If you have older gear that doesn't do WPA or WPA2 easily then keep just lock everything down by MAC.
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Brisbane, Queensland
21421 posts
though I've since learned the hard way that this junk decomposes slowly but surely in my little corner of the world ever if it's not been used for a year or two.

I had that with a hard drive. Never used it, left it sitting in a drawer, came to use it one day, bam! it's dead. wtf?
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