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The ultimate study and desk set-up.
Melbourne, Victoria
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As many of you know, I'm currently having a house built. It's not far off being complete now (and survived a 6,000ha grass fire getting 3km away from it, sigh - really? Already?), and while myself and my brother have now pretty much bought most of the furniture to go in it for the lounge and bedrooms, I haven't made a lot of progress on furniture for the study yet.

The usable area for the study is about 3m by 3.68m (open space at the front (West), closed walls on other three sides, window on the East wall), and while we'd like to fit the two of us in there with the computers, maybe we have to compromise on it being just one person.

But either way, I'd like to get desks and stuff right. So since we're all IT people here, and I'm sure we've all come across situations where you'd like a little more desk space or depth, or a different layout, or that annoying shelf not being there cos a screen can't fit - how would you design your ultimate desk and layout for all your computers etc?

Right now I have only a 50cm deep desk, most of which is chewed up by the base of my 27" Dell monitor. A Razer mousepad barely fits in front of it (in fact, it kinda tucks under it. My second 22" LG monitor can't fit back in the corner cos there's shelves there. All said, I'm using about 1.8m wide of desk space, and that's nowhere near close to fitting all my gear.

What design considerations would you guys suggest? How about on layout? What are some things you can suggest so I can consider when ordering furniture?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I'd go fixed to the wall purpose built benches.

I did this in an old Queenslander once. It had this little space between entrance and lounge that was pretty useless so I got a carpenter to build me an L shaped bench and cut out cable holes. Worked a treat.

Definitely the way to go if you're not likely to want to use the room for anything else down the track.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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My setup is that I had a media room and study built together as one room, but there is a clear division with a bulkhead into 2/3 media and 1/3 study. Could be considered a multi purpose room or formal dining if a buyer has no need for study/media. I want to have some kind of sliding door or bi-fold door or something proper if I want to close the study off.

I intend to have a desk built to fit the size, could seat up to 3 people across, but ideally only 1 or 2, and there are double power points on the 20 centimetre long walls (lined up with the bulkhead) on each side of the room , and data. Currently I just have my s***house ikea desks. So the desks in the study face the TV in the media room.

The back wall of the study - well I would like to put a light tone-on-tone wallpaper and cover it with transparent magnetic paint and transparent plastic, so the whole wall would be like a magnet-board AND a whiteboard, at least above desk-height and not counting any shelves, etc...

I would get the same wallpaper pattern but in a dark colour and use it on the media room wall behind the tv.

Here is a shot from the media room looking into the study. Pretty f*****g plain right now, but you get the idea of the layout.

This 'desk facing tv' is essentially something I started when I was 13, and when I lived in various townhouses and apartments I'd basically just set up the living room to be like my old bedroom, and now I have a room in the house especially for this and it's where I live.

I regret the middle window
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Back in Aus I had a massive corner desk, kind of like this one but bigger (much deeper) and without the drawers and orange:

It was probably slightly bigger than your dimensions but I had 2 PCs and a TV on it and was swimming in room.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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Corner desks are a horrid waste of space (IMO).
I think OP needs to consider what he wants to put into the room before furniture comes into play.

The only piece I really have to say on the matter, is desks that are 50cm deep really belong in a primary school classroom.
My 'minimum' dimension (if I'm going to have monitors on the desk) is 75cm. 50cm Might be workable of you wall mount the monitors (or use a monitor stand, or the super-cheap option, a plank of wood attached to the desk with a VESA mount on it.)

There have been a few reasonable reads over on 'Lifehacker' (most copy/pasta'd from elsewhere)

One concept (mainly to give you some ideas as to what you *can* do with 'space saving' ideas.) was to create a 'cart' that can be used in any room of the house... just wheel it out, 'deploy it' and you're good to go.

Another idea for a 'multi-purpose setup'. Clearly this isn't usable for long hours at the computer, but might give you some ideas.
Hidden creative compartment

Here's [what I presume to be] a bigger version of what you're going for. Clearly there is a contrasting concept of budget, but given that the OP is skint on the details, so's the gaps in this post.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I bought some swanky "managers" type of desk from HN. It's big enough to fit all my crap, high enough that the tower sits on the floor and solid enough that when I smash the keyboard because some noob awped me the desk doesn't bounce and throw everything else off.

If I was limited in space and had specific needs, I'd probably consider custom making a desk.

You could always sit facing each other, on opposite sides of a big desk and offset so you don't end up kicking each other in the nuts.

50cm deep desk,
All said, I'm using about 1.8m wide of desk space

My desk is 940mm deep x 1800mm long

e;e: what about this?

and put up shelves for CD's
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Tinted tempered glass on a stainless frame and add monitor arms. I went all out and got this type of office desk fitted all away around my office. Looks fancey! considering I spend many hours in my office I think it's worth it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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One concept (mainly to give you some ideas as to what you *can* do with 'space saving' ideas.) was to create a 'cart' that can be used in any room of the house... just wheel it out, 'deploy it' and you're good to

Space saving ideas you say?

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Whoop. I love it. It's like a western take on asian living. Instead of futons it's fold-outs.
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Reverend Evil™
Wynnum, Queensland
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I love that vid Whoop. Only thing he's missing is somewhere to put his pc.
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my advise would be get a large dining table and use that as a desk - make sure it overlooks a window so you can look outside to give your eyeballs a break
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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I've seen that vid before Whoop.

I love the idea, tho I'm not sure how I'd go living there (there would be some significant compromises to make living in such a small space.)

I wonder what the cabinetry cost him and whether or not he fitted it himself.
I love the 'compact' ideas and the whole 'boat cabin' idea for inspiration.

I looked into those 'fold down' beds (y'know, folds down from the wall type) and maaan... it makes a $4k ensemble look like a bargain.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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A mate purchased a 'corporate table' from a renovating bank, think board room style. Great quality, cheap and huge, very huge. It went from his lounge room, through the dining room and just left a small passage to between the closed in kitchen and hallway. If I had the room that's what I'd be searching for. It rocked.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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desk at back of room facing tv ftw. the less obvious advantage is that if anyone else in the living room wants to talk to you then they have to turn around to address you and not vice versa. hence not f*****g with whatever you're doing from the captain's chair while surveying your dominion.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I love that vid Whoop. Only thing he's missing is somewhere to put his pc.

Obviously he has all he needs in there without a PC, someone with a regular house could just make one room an entire fold out PC room. Instead of kitchens and beds, just make spare PC's fold out of the walls for LAN games :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
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corner desk gets so many more activities done. (plus you have a speak to put all your empty cans, I drink heavily while working.)
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I am using the rackit pallet shelving from bunnings bit on the industrial looking side but practical as hell
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Melbourne, Victoria
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I spend ages looking for a decent sized corner desk with space underneath - ended up with one from Ikea. Being Ikea it's all modular too so you can buy longer lengths, 2 corner bits (for U shape), etc.

Chair is now an Aeron .. best purchase ever!
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Melbourne, Victoria
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That vid was cool, Whoop.

At some points he sounds like Chris Lilley doing a parody - except he's serious.

"People ask me, 'Why can you eat so much sweets and you're not getting fat?' and I'm like, 'I just live in an action apartment.'"
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Happy to spend a few grand, doesn't need to be on a $30 budget :P
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