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QGL NRL Tipping 2013
Brisbane, Queensland
4575 posts
Burgess was lucky not to be sent. Massive hit on Thaiday. Precedent set?

Although Henry had a good game as ref I thought. He's got potential. Really liked the way they talked through video ref calls, would like to see that in NRL.
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Some Fat Bastard
Brisbane, Queensland
1454 posts
The paddock was too slippery.
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Brisbane, Queensland
18868 posts
Lol Thurston off the bench

Good joke facey Haha
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Brisbane, Queensland
10780 posts
DCE can play halfback.
Smith was kind of quiet too.
I think England surprised them, surprised me.

Theres a lot of old players in the Aussie team and its been a very long season for a lot of them. Im not writing Australia off but on that performance its going to be Eng V AUS in the final.

could England beat Australia in the Final ?
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Brisbane, Queensland
18869 posts
Aus are just complacent, there is no way they should lose to any other team
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Brisbane, Queensland
36734 posts
sbw lolz

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Sydney, New South Wales
1970 posts
haha, SBW won't be doing that again.

Thurston from the England game..ehe

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Brisbane, Queensland
4577 posts
ha ha SBW, coach killer! good thing it wasn't a decisive try. bet he gets schooled on simply tucking the ball under his arm and hitting the deck over the line.

JT was a funny also.
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Sydney, New South Wales
1972 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
10782 posts
as soon as the penalty was given sam stood up.

prolly miss a game, not much happens at international level.
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Brisbane, Queensland
18873 posts
Thurston lolz
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Sydney, New South Wales
1984 posts
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3333 posts

Found this pretty handy to easily get game times. Australia Vs Fiji will be on at 5:30am Sunday with a replay later that evening.

Make sure you set the region to get the right time, it defaults to Sydney but Qld is an hour earlier.
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Sydney, New South Wales
2007 posts
Anyone see England vs New Zealand?

What a game :o

Best game I've watched as a neutral in a long time!
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Brisbane, Queensland
18949 posts
would have f*****g loved to see nz get beaten
11:53am 24/11/13 Permalink
3361 posts
They f***ed up at the end. A couple of s*** kicks and that high shot allowed NZ to keep up the pressure in the last 5 minutes.
In the end I think it's better for Australia to beat NZ rather than we win the cup without ever playing them.

Some brilliant tries were put on in that game.
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Sydney, New South Wales
2008 posts
Watched the Australia game, is there any position Jarrod can't play?

Hope he gets another run vs New Zealand. It'd be interesting to see him play centre against decent opposition.

Billy might make a recovery for the final apparently.
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Sydney, New South Wales
2009 posts
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Sydney, New South Wales
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Sydney, New South Wales
2011 posts
lol @ some of the fights

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4799 posts
Guys, what time / channel is RWC final?

Edit: Found it. Midnight on 7 mate
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Brisbane, Queensland
10853 posts
70 000 Poms got to see what Rugby League looks like at its best.
Australia were awesome.
Full credit to Tim Sheens for being able to keep the team focused on a ridiculously long tournament.

I think the scoreline flattered NZ.

Theres a replay on 7mate s'arvo 3.30pm

I dont know whats going to happen to International RL.
Australia are a long way ahead of the Poms and Kiwis though on their day they can get close. I dont think another World Cup is a viable.
NRL clubs are risking their players health for pointless games.

The Pacific Island Nations should be a combined side.
Poms should consist of Great Britain.
While its important to promote the game you have to have a quality product.
Australia scored almost 250 points and conceded 4 over their last 5 games

Vossy was at his best.

I liked the 4 meter in goal area.
It deterred kick and hope tries.

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3367 posts
I liked the 4 meter in goal area.
It deterred kick and hope tries.
It obviously didn't, all it did was put two players in a very dangerous situation.

Was a brilliant game, Cooper Cronks first try was a try, a few fingers under the ball doesn't prevent it from being grassed. Great effort by Issac Luke though, he was NZ's best.

NZ were very disappointing, nothing seemed to come off for Sonny Bill and their forwards just didn't step up to give their play makers a chance.

Australia were clinical with so many players stepping up and having awesome games. Despite all the MotM accolades going to JT, Hayne has been man of the tournament for Australia IMO. Last night he reminded me a lot of Hodges with his well timed dummy half runs and his strength in defense.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10854 posts
they needed more safety padding at the goals but I liked the idea of a shorter in goal.

Seems kind of amateurish to play a World Cup Final on a ground that doesnt meet the requirements for an official match.

Hayne had his best game in years, he was really impressive at centre.
Maybe NSW should look at giving him a go there.
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Sydney, New South Wales
2012 posts
How good was Hayne?!

So many players had a great game. Australia were perfection!

Final highlights below.

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Gold Coast, Queensland
4551 posts
Australia were f*****g fantastic.

I have to say 7s coverage of the game was very good as well. Broadcast in 1080i, Vossy calling, very few ads in play, replays were good, listening to the video refs thoughts. The pre/post game coverage wasn't the best and their stats graphs need some beefing up, but I thought they did a much better job than 9 does.
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Brisbane, Queensland
18970 posts

For the first time since 2011, two games will be held in Queensland in next year's series. Game I will be played in Brisbane on May 28, Game II in Sydney on June 18, before the series returns to Brisbane for Game III on July 9.

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Sydney, New South Wales
2013 posts
dun get the luls?

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Gold Coast, Queensland
1404 posts

Shark had been fined $1 Millions, Flanagan Suspended from the NRL HQ and ASDA.


The National Rugby League (NRL) has completed its review of governance issues at the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks Football Club (the Club) in 2010 and 2011 and the preliminary findings have identified serious failures on the part of the Club and certain individuals who had a responsibility to safeguard the health and welfare of its players.

NRL CEO, Mr Dave Smith, announced today the preliminary findings are that the Club breached the NRL Code of Conduct in several respects and that Head Coach Shane Flanagan and the then Head of Strength and Conditioning Trent Elkin were responsible for a number of the failings leading to those contraventions.

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Brisbane, Queensland
4674 posts
what I would love is state of origin to be just that,

first club played for, thats your state, none of this NSW's people playing in QLD team
05:33pm 17/12/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10618 posts
Haha the sharks can't afford $1m. they are done surely.
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