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BioWare Doesn't Want Next Mass Effect to be Called Mass Effect 4
Brisbane, Queensland
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According to recent comments on BioWare's official Mass Effect forums (via NeoGAF), the director of BioWare Montreal, Yanick Roy, has revealed that the studio doesn't want people calling their next title Mass Effect 4. Roy states that "thinking of the next Mass Effect game as Mass Effect 4 would imply a certain linearity, a straight evolution of the gameplay and story of the first three games."

While it isn't clear what kind of timeline or story the next Mass Effect title will be based on, Roy has confirmed that it won't necessarily be a straight prequel or sequel. The director also detailed that while it won't be based on the current storyline, the previous three games will be recognised but likely won't be the main focus. He also reassured players that what makes Mass Effect "is indead the alien races, the technology, the lore, history, etc. You can safely expect those in the next Mass Effect."

Currently no date has been set yet for the next Mass Effect title, however Roy did reveal that while a Mass Effect MMO isn't impossible, it is not the currently in-development title.
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"is indead the alien races, the technology, the lore, history, etc. You can safely expect those in the next Mass Effect."
You mean the alien races that mostly only have rumours of more than one gender and those that do have more than one gender look suspiciously exactly the same.

They really need to step up their game technology because the tiny, restrictive map areas and lack of character that their game world allows is getting beyond dated. Let us jump for f*** sake. They need to develop a game engine that lives up to their ambition because it's seriously holding them back.

Also, while I love Biowares storytelling, if this game is a prequel then I'm pretty much not interested. That the previous games will be recognised is a hopeful statement though, hopefully that rules out prequel.
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Perth, Western Australia
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Mass Effect Fwor?
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Gold Coast, Queensland
5676 posts
They're still thinking of cool tagline like Mass Effect: Vengeance, Mass Effect: Redux, Mass Effect: Citadel City Stories
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Mass Effect: Effectively Massive.
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Melbourne, Victoria
301 posts
Mass Effect: Electric Boogaloo
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Brisbane, Queensland
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the new mass effect?

mass effect 3gs?

mass effect, The Phantom Menace
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Central Coast, New South Wales
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"Mass Effect : Because our investors REALLY need that third yacht, and you're all stupid enough to help pay for it"

Calling it now.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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the new mass effect?mass effect 3gs?mass effect, The Phantom Menace

Lol'd heavily
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Toowoomba, Queensland
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Mass Effect: Look at all our butt hurt ex-fans whine. Obviously EA is milking, but that happens with everything they publish. At least with the Mass Effect universe being as expansive as it is it's a legitimate excuse to make more.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Mass Effect trilogy was good.
Some sheeps following the hate herd it seems
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Mass Effect: Can't write an ending for s*** Edition.

I would like to see a ME game about one of the merc factions or Human colonists on some backwater planet. I want to see a smaller story and something less far reaching then saving the galaxy.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Mass effect: Black ops.

They dont want it to be called 4, for the same reason they don't call it COD 10.
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The hilarious thing about this story is that the community manager initially made comments about the next game and then the dev had to clarify.

Normally its the other way around right?
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never greazy, these social media people are useless
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Brisbane, Queensland
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okay - so it's called 'oh hey guys we f***ed the franchise on that last title'

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Melbourne, Victoria
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They dont want it to be called 4, for the same reason they don't call it COD 10.

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Mass Effect: I'm commander Shepard and this is the best shop on the citadel
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