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Melbourne, Victoria
297 posts
Crysis 3's Multiplayer beta will be open for everyone from 29th to the 12th Feb, so if your curious and didn't get into the alpha its worth a look at, also if you want to stress test your machine abit ;p


I was getting sluggish frames on my i7 PC in the alpha, but I think this has more to do with my old HD6870 card!
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Sydney, New South Wales
1921 posts
is it available yet? I checked this morning and no go.
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Melbourne, Victoria
298 posts
I expect it will go live within the next 12hours or so when it ticks over to 29th in the US
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Brisbane, Queensland
21227 posts
I played the alpha, it was good for a quick bash but those stupid gun walker things were a dumb idea. Whoever got hold of that thing first would just slaughter the other team. Especially if the other team was full of noobs who didn't bother even shooting at it.

Not to mention the hitboxes seemed to be all over the place. You'd get sniped by someone just spamming the fire button and in kill cam their aim was nowhere near you. I've also shot people the same way, crosshair nowhere near the guy but somehow spamming the fire button on the sniper rifle makes bullets magically attracted to the other guys head.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2827 posts
After a few hours this morning playing, seriously don't bother. It's just a sci-fi cod and it looks like they are trying to make it pay to win with all the pre-order stuff that gets thrown in your face.

Single player might be worth a good yarrrrrrr but multiplayer definitely isn't, very low opinion of the game even if the engine is very pretty.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7440 posts
It's just a sci-fi cod

Was about to post that myself. Single player is generally a 6-10 hour, mind-numbing on-rails shooter to fit between MW and Black-ops releases ...

I much prefer the Far Cry series (specifically FC and FC3), much more interesting and open-ended gameplay. Currently at 60 hours for FC3 and still not finished ... wing-suiting around the island, f*** yeah.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7066 posts
Single player is generally a 6-10 hour, mind-numbing on-rails shooter to fit between MW and Black-ops releases ...

well that sucks! how would you compare the single player to crysis2 sp?
i didn't mind the sp of crysis 1 & 2 even though the ai was retarded. was kinda looking forward to the same with crysis3.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7441 posts
well that sucks! how would you compare the single player to crysis2.

Sorry I'm referring to the Crysis series in general.

Haven't had a first-hand look at Crysis 3, but given the gameplay they've shown so far it just seems to be a typical partially interactive, on-rails fest with waist-high barriers, Michael Bay explosions, etc.

Pretty much summed up watching this gameplay vid:

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Brisbane, Queensland
7068 posts
ahh ok. i'll prolly still get it for the sp then. looks ok to me :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
21243 posts
depends how you play. took me like a week or two or something to get through the first crysis because I snuck around cloaked all the time.
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10217 posts
Played this for about 20mins last night. It was s***.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3374 posts
Was watching that FrankieonPC youtube dude play the beta. Seemed pretty similar to last time but he was pretty happy with graphics / gameplay / balance etc.

I currently dont have a TDM/FFA online shooter so will be keeping a close eye on this one. Will it have dedicated servers?

Still remember how bad Crysis 2 MP was with 400+ ping hackers with perma invis. Good game that was ruined.
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Melbourne, Victoria
890 posts
Just played it. I quite liked it. bit of fast mindless fun. reminds me of a mix between cod and halo. hopefully they dont stuff it up like crysis 2.
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Rockhampton, Queensland
364 posts
It is a generic console shooter - but I enjoyed playing it last night.
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