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The Lonely Island - YOLO
Brisbane, Queensland
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"YOLO (feat. Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar)" is the first single off our next album. Directed by Akiva and Jorma and featuring Adam Levine, Kendrick Lamar, and Danny McBride as well as our pals Chester Tam and Jonah Goldstein.
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Brisbane, Queensland
559 posts
Nice vid!

So frustrating all the nubs on YouTube who spam lonely island vids as official but they're all covers or some gimped version of the original.
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Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
20979 posts
Song is meh, video is class

Kenny F*****g Powers!!
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Brisbane, Queensland
8461 posts
Be good to hear a new album, so far enjoyed the previous two.
10:21pm 27/01/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
8161 posts
This is still one of their best.

10:23pm 27/01/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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Melbourne, Victoria
13890 posts
Yeah, agree, song is a bit iffy but the vid is pretty funny.

My fave still - specifically the bit at 2.15 where Casablancas sings, "This was a cautionary tale. A boombox is not a toy!" and smashed the vase with flowers, haha. Pure gold.

12:09am 28/01/13 Permalink
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Oh no! Something might replace this video as the top search result on YouTube for "YOLO":

07:05am 28/01/13 Permalink
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basically all these guys ever do is rap songs about their d****, thought Samberg leaving SNL might be the end of it, apparently not
09:39am 28/01/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2461 posts
Awesome. Cant wait for new album. I will say album 1 was better than album 2. Lets hope they lift
their lol factor on album 3.
10:39am 28/01/13 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
7619 posts
This is still one of their best.

This song made me watch Scarface for the first time ever. Hilarious reference in that song ;)
11:45am 28/01/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
35059 posts
This song made me watch Scarface for the first time ever. Hilarious reference in that song ;)

me too!
12:24pm 28/01/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2462 posts
^ movie noobs. !st time watching Scarface? Criminal.
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Reverend Evil™
Wynnum, Queensland
21213 posts
Sounds like all their other songs. Speak two lines then yell the third.
01:27pm 28/01/13 Permalink
Nerf Lord
Brisbane, Queensland
7211 posts
Maybe some sort of meta-sarcasm went over my head, but are they mocking people for discussing investing in homes instead of rent for long term thinking? Must be nice to get rich and c***y when young.
01:32pm 28/01/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10809 posts
Yes it went over your head. They just chose random things concerned with playing it safe.
02:45pm 28/01/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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Rhianna smokin hot in this clip.

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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
36697 posts
Fkn love these guys; this new one doesn't do much for me but almost all their other songs grew on me over time.
03:23pm 28/01/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6376 posts
Crap song.
07:48pm 28/01/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6172 posts
The Golden Rule.
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