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WWE Royal Rumble
Steve Farrelly
Sydney, New South Wales
5741 posts
Not sure how many regulars here are wrestling fans, but now that I'm a dad and have no time to go out I've gotten back into it. Pretty keen for the Royal Rumble next Monday, and my theory is Dolph is gonna win making him only the third person to come in at #1 (if that's the number he chooses), and win. This will have a Shawn Michaels/Jericho thing happen for him and I reckon he'll end up holding both belts before Big E challenges him for one of them in quite a few months time.

Where is everyone else at with the Royal Rumble?
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Gold Coast, Queensland
22147 posts
Wrestling is literally the dumbest thing ever is about where I'm at with it.

... well you asked :P
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Space Ninja
Sydney, New South Wales
3603 posts
You're dead to me Steve.
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Steve Farrelly
Sydney, New South Wales
5742 posts
Well, I actually expected most of you to dislike this, but hey I can't be high-brow in all things now can I? Plus I live the art that goes into a lot if the behind the scenes :P
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1160 posts
I only know two people who watch WWE, one is a father and the other is an idiot! Ironically the later is also a devout Christian... I can't bring myself to tell him that WWE is fake.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
5121 posts
I watch it every now and then when there is nothing else on or something but I havn't watched it for awhile. Wrestling peaked for me in early 2002 or something and without mick folley it's really just not so hot. At least when you watched a match with him he made it seem as real as it could get. I mean all the s*** he went through is amazing.
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Melbourne, Victoria
1146 posts
I used to love wrestling back in the day. These days I can't help but feel all the wrestling has been stripped back to make time for talking.
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Brisbane, Queensland
35033 posts
pretty sure everyone who watches wrassling older than the age of 8, knows its fake.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2455 posts
Since when has wrestling been fake?
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1505 posts
Since when has wrestling been fake?

Since last week when they implemented the new rules. No longer will they use chairs when beating people now it's all pillows and soft toys.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3824 posts
Get the f*** outa here. It's fake!

I enjoy wrestling, they do fake it quite well. The story lines get a bit much at times.

But give them their due doing what is effectively stunt man work 5-6 nights a week is pretty full on.

However since ditching Foxtel a few years ago I'm not up to date. Looking at the list so far I would have thought Cena or Sheams. But if Dolph's star is on the rise then you may be right.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9796 posts
No longer will they use chairs when beating people now

You cant use chairs to attack the head of an opponent.
WWE is PG rated because thats the market they target.
TNA is a bit more extreme.
TNA has more bleeding lol

Ziggler is a very good wrestler because he can make the other guy look awesome.
HBK is a similar wrestler.
Very few wrestlers can sell it like that.
He wrestled Cena a few times recently and he was toying with Cena.
I think this is Zigglers moment, he certianly looks better with Vicky gone and Big E Langton as his bodygaurd works well.

Wrestling is a lot deeper than most ppl realise.
Real fans can tell you a lot more about whats going on in a match and if you havent sat next to a wrestling fan you are missing a lot of it.

I love it, its the most hilarious show on TV when they get it right.
I dont know why it isnt bigger here.

I like the Elbow of disdain/ Damien Sandow he gets a lot of Heat.
Classic Heal.
Funny with The Rock last week.

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Gold Coast, Queensland
5122 posts
You cant use chairs to attack the head of an opponent.

Unlike back in '99 when the Rock went ape s*** and got too far into character during his and Foley's "I Quit" match. Foley took 11 or so hard, unblocked chair shots to the head due to him being handcuffed behind his back which, when you watch them now, were pretty f*****g brutal. Even according to Foley's book, toward the end he was in genuine fear that the Rock was going to permanently injure him and from memory was really knocked unconscious at the end.

Foley was a friggen maniac but he made wrestling as real as it'll ever get.
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Brisbane, Queensland
20571 posts
It used to be a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, harmless fun entertainment, but like crazymorton I haven't watched it for years. Occasionally I catch part of one of the catch up shows they have on free to air and don't even know who most of the people are these days.

I used to watch it a fair bit late 90's / early 2000's, but then the Undertaker became a biker and used Limp Bizkit as his entrance music and it was dead to me. Chris Jericho was great though, good to see hes still around.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1109 posts
Rock to win the title, Cena to win the rumble. Rock v Cena rematch at WM
04:23am 25/01/13 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
9800 posts
nah i think it will be Punk Vs Rock at WM

I wonder if The Undertaker has another match in him ?

Ziggler still has the money in the bank briefcase(this means he can call a match anytime, anywhere and if he wins he can take the owners title belt)

How about Rock defeats Punk and Ziggler uses the MITB to defeat Rock ?

I saw NXT yesterday.
This dude has a finishing move where he does the shooting star press but includes a somersault. it was awesome.

6:50 in
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Brisbane, Queensland
9816 posts
a look at how CM Punk has changed Wrestling.

Could he defeat The Rock at the RR ?
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Melbourne, Victoria
1244 posts
WCW / nWo 1998-2000 was the best. Wrestling is like watching a soap opera for men. ^ The Rock will beat CM Punk.
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Brisbane, Queensland
35053 posts
Foley was a friggen maniac but he made wrestling as real as it'll ever get.

foley is a wrasslin god, there is no doubt.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9819 posts
Totally Lame winner of the Rumble.

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4512 posts
Wrestling is literally the dumbest thing ever is about where I'm at with it.... well you asked :P

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7669 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
9822 posts
this dude is hilarious
He wasnt happy with The Rock winning

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