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Australia Day Weekend Holidays
2018 posts

If I normally have SUNDAY + MONDAY OFF (as my usual roster)

Do I get tuesday off??

So I am expecting the following: I will work saturday, have sunday off (shop shut) - monday is a public holiday so everyone gets that off, but I think they are wanting me to return on tuesday?

If I work tuesday, would I be paid double time on Saturday?

Which means that everyone gets 3 days off, apart from me?

Please help lol :)
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Space Ninja
Sydney, New South Wales
3602 posts
If I work tuesday, would I be paid double time on Saturday?


chances are you'll be back at work on Tuesday as normal?
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Brisbane, Queensland
3360 posts
I would assume tue is normal pay + hours cause its a normal trading day.

Mon is the public holiday so reduced hours and increased pay. Makes no difference if this is your usual day off.

Saturday normal pay and hours.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8731 posts
I dunno if there is any legal obligation from the employer, but if he/she was a good bloke you should be a day off at an agreed time.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5336 posts
nope you have to work tuesday
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Sydney, New South Wales
1907 posts
suck it, site-wide RDO on tuesday. have fun at work gents.
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2019 posts
Well there is a guy who I work with, who has every Saturday and Sunday off, he will also get Monday off. so he gets 3 days.

So I only get 2? Seems kind of s*** to me :P
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Brisbane, Queensland
6324 posts
RDO's are just nice, but if they land on a pub holiday, you suck it up. Unless the employer tells you otherwise. They're not enforced by law afaik?
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Townsville, Queensland
1703 posts
depends we used to get a SDL "Shift Day in Liu".

If you had an RDO on a Public Holiday.

SDO was either another day off with agreement paid, or Paid for the Public Holiday at normal rates.

All depends on who you work for and there HR rules for leave.
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Brisbane, Queensland
754 posts
I have my RDO on Friday and Monday is the public holiday. Our workplace normally asks which day we want for our RDO some chose friday others tuesday.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10456 posts
This is a tough one murderer. Do you get paid more for working on saturdays? If no, then you are being stooged. A monday off does not equal a saturday worked.

Other places that I've worked that run on a seven day a week roster ignore public holidays, but instead give staff six weeks leave a year.

Essentially if you are swapping saturday for monday then you should get paid at public holiday rates for saturday.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3866 posts
RDO on Tuesday so bring on the long weekend. Now back to working out when to take my 51 days of leave.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1381 posts
Just so I get this... 'whaaa I have a job'.

Did I miss anything?
Also, harden up princess, at least you get public holidays off.
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Townsville, Queensland
1705 posts
yer but saturday isnt the gazetted public holiday its the monday.
so they dont have to pay him public holiday rates for saturday, just normal saturday rates.

He should be entitled to the equivalent of another day off in liu of an RDO on a public holiday tho.
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