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Spielberg & Hanks working on a new Band Of Brothers
Gippsland, Victoria
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Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks are heading back to World War II on HBO for a third time. The mini will follow the “bomber boys” of the Eighth Air Force, who were based in England and fought in the air war against Germany.
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Cool. Recently rewatched band of brothers and pacific. While pacific isn't as good it is better than 99% of the pus on tv.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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pacific was ridiculously well made but imo it didn't develop individual characters as well as BoB. snafu was awesome but you didn't have a bunch of favourites like gonorrhea, buck, shifty, bull that you grew as attached to.
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Yeah I found Pacific really disjointed and confusing, no centralised story or narrative arc and no main characters to get attached to.

Everything else about it was good. Band of Brothers still the best.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Band of Brother shat all over Pacific. This is gonna be awesome.
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Perth, Western Australia
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Band of Brothers was one of the best mini series ever. It was probably for that reason that The Pacific seemed a little underwhelming.

Anyway, I'm definitely in if Simon Pegg has a tiny part so I can hear his s***house American accent again.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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It will be Memphis Belle meets Red Tails but with all the cast dieing.

and another "how the USA won the war" bs series.

Band of Brothers was a Stephen Ambrose bs book which strayed from fact so much I couldn't tell if water was running up hill or down.

In the interim watch this;

available from MVGroup.
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After the pacific I wont be expecting much from this. I honestly think that the world would be a better place if all the money from the pacific had been siphoned off to fund actual good tv shows instead of an incredibly well made bad show.
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Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
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If you're looking for something nice to fill the gap while waiting check out Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States. There's 10 eps out at the moment and it starts off back in WW2. Werth watching.
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The US did practically win the war though, I mean everyone else helped a bit.. but come on. Britain was spent.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Viper, the Ruskies won ww2.

The US won the aftermath of ww2.
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Yeah that could well be true, but note that they probably wouldn't have had anywhere near the impact they did without the vast equipment, supplies and logistics received from the US and the UK on the lend-lease agreements.

Richard Overy, professor of contemporary history at King's College London, notes that after the war, Hitler's foreign minister Joachim von Ribbentrop listed three main reasons for Germany's defeat:

Unexpectedly stubborn resistance from the Soviet Union
The large-scale supply of arms and equipment from the US to the Soviet Union, under the lend-lease agreement
The success of the Western Allies in the struggle for air supremacy.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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After France fell, the Nazi's had like 30 divisions on the western front and 200 on the eastern front.

The scale of the some of the eastern front battles is insane. The battle of Kursk saw the death of ~1m men and around 10,000 tanks and armor in the space of a month.

The 'other' eastern front was in China. The Chinese lost 3-4 million soldiers and 10-20 million civilians to the Japanese who committed terrible atrocities against civilians. Had China not kept Japan busy the Soviet Union would have been fighting a war on two fronts.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Oh great more sicfi from spielberg
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Melbourne, Victoria
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The Yanks won the pacific, not convinced they won Europe. Like hell Japan were gonna keep on fighting.
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Steve Farrelly
Sydney, New South Wales
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Do a decent Vietnam mini series. I've been watching random eps of Tour of Duty here and there and they're so saccharine, so romanticised about how the US wishes it handled that war, it just screams to be broached with a more straight-up, realistic approach. Full Metal Jacket in episodic form. It would be a total win.
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HBO should do a Vietnam band of brothers with Hanks and Spielberg.

Hey HurricaneJim, Is that a documentary or a drama/series? If its a documentary I will be all over it.
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Didn't they do one that was pretty good, Vietnam in HD?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Even today we are still uncovering new things about WW2.
Russia defeated the Nazis though Hollywood has created a patriotic version of WW2 focussed on American greatness and The Holocaust.
We all know that Spielberg will trot out the Hollywood version of WW2 yet again

I actually wrote a wall of text but i decided not to post it.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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I like Hanks.. he's charismatic and proven to be influential.

but he needs supervision
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