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Chivalry; Medieval Warefare --- who plays?
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Anyone play this? Says released Oct 17, 2012...

Check it out here!

Looks the goods if you have friends to play with
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Got it, havent played for a while. I have TiT on steam friends and he is always posting screenshots of him winning games.

Edit. I think its Toll on my friends list actually.
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Mackay, Queensland
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I have it, but the truth is that I played very little. It´s entertaining game to play with friends, but a bit repetitive, and the movements are not very good
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Movements are not very good?

This is disappointing...

Davo - what do you think of it?
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Also have it, but havent played for a while, had a grand time when it came out though, racked up about 60 hours. stopped because got all the unlocks and had other games to play, but was fun when i did play it!
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Nerf Lord
Brisbane, Queensland
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It's f*****g awesome, played the s*** out of it just after release last year.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I have it and play it almost daily. I'm rank 39, only a small handful of Aussie players are higher.

There is a content patch coming out in the next week or two that intorduces a few new maps, plus several types of weapons;


It also adds a much needed function of starting your swing from the opposite direction, useful for getting around shields.

The game is heavily skill based, in that if I play against a rank 0-10 player I will win 99% of the time and in general you could take on 3 or 4 of them at the same time. Those at rank 20 a far better though and it takes a bit more effort. There is very little randomness in the game, of which lag causes the most.

The game needs you to focus on your footwork more so then most other FPS'. A fight between two high level players can consist of a min or so staring each other down moving around a bit waiting for someone to make a mistake, then swinging starts, they are tense and fun.

At its core, Chivalry is essentially a fighting game. If you like fighting games like Tekken you will probably like this.

Also the melee system they use works exceedingly well in FPS, easily the best FPS melee system I've ever seen/played. So much so that using melee in other FPS games is laughable.

Since each kill is based mainly on skill, you get great satisfaction from defeating people. In the Objective style maps there are archers that many people complain about, it is mainly because they have little awareness of their surroundings and continually fight people while getting peppered by arrows. Instead of moving the fight out of sight from the archers.

Archery is fun ;)

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Nerf Lord
Brisbane, Queensland
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The game is heavily skill based, in that if I play against a rank 0-10 player I will win 99% of the time and in general you could take on 3 or 4 of them at the same time.

I got it right after release and played it pretty relentlessly until I reached about 40 hours. The best moment in all of it was in the desert map with last team standing, it was me vs 5 and I jumped right in the middle of them, made such a cluster f*** with kicking and blocks that they killed half of their own team, and then I finished the rest.

My skill overall was pretty hit and miss though, could rarely defeat polearms with 2 handers, and rarely had the patience to deal with dodgy shield f**** so just sacrificed HP to murder them without defending.
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i played it for about a week before realising that i had no where near the time available to get competitive at it. also it can be really unforgiving for newbies with everyone wiping the damn floor with your semi detached face.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Hilarious game to play with friends
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Brisbane, Queensland
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@ work currently so dunno exact time played. Maybe 5hrs or so.

Wasnt a big fan of the TDM game modes where you wait til the next round when you die cause it can take a while. I think there are smaller battle arena style TDM maps that would be quicker.

TDM with respawn is good cause you fight til a team has a certain number of kills. Good fun flanking the enemy to pwn some archers or attack from the rear.

Objective based games are OK but often end up a big fight in the middle without much concern for achieving the objective.

Combat is the best part of this. Over attack, under attack, shield (that can only be brought up for a moment), fake attacks, kick? As well as 4 classes that have different strengths and weaknesses. You can also choose from a limited number of weapons for each class making people of the same class slightly different.

I DLed a torrent version to test the graphics and combat in offline training mode and was happy so i purchased it. I find the hit detection sometimes s***** but im guessing thats due to lag on both ends of the players. Also, i find connecting to games somewhat problematic.

Compared to WotR i think combat is better, more popular online, less buggy and more game modes. Also love the first person POV. Much more intense combat when your view is restricted. Also, decent graphic violence with limbs and heads flying around.
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I like eel pie
Brisbane, Queensland
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I played till i got to rank 4 cant remember the class, but I just found it to be a bit buggy.. constantly getting stuck on little stones and what not..
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I want to add scopes and foregrips to my bows, and laser sights for my swords.
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