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Green Man Gaming Takes 30% Hit on Australia Taxed Titles
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Brisbane, Queensland
288 posts
Popular digital download game keys retailer Green Man Gaming has responded to pressures to regionally discriminate on some of their games (currently only those published by 2K Games), by pledging a 30% rebate coupon code for affected titles (thanks Deviouz).
2K Games had reportedly insisted the retailer jack up prices for their games being sold to Australian and New Zealand visitors, as is customary for Australian publishers, and not wanting to lose their distribution access, Green Man sadly obliged.

However, the discount code nullifies the markup in most instances (and actually exceeds it in a couple), so everybody wins. Green Man gets some good will (and the opportunity to charge the occasional wealthy, apathetic customer the higher price), 2K gets their regular gouge price, and customers using the coupon get a fair deal.

The retailer claims the code will be valid for the next 10 years, a gesture somewhat muted by the caveat that it's "subject to change", but we imagine that tune could change quite fast if other major publishers take notice and request the same treatment.

Head over to Green Man Gaming (disclaimer: affiliate link that throws a few dollars AusGamers' way for any subsequent purchases made) to take advantage of their generosity. Search for "ANZ" to browse price discrimination affected titles.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
5610 posts
The code is valid for the next ten years, though Green Man does warn that this may be subject to change.

Haha, why not just say the code is valid for ELEVENTY BILLION YEARS*!
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Melbourne, Victoria
872 posts
What absolute legends. I'll make more of an effort to buy from them.
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Melbourne, Victoria
4 posts
What are ANZ games?

I didn't know the bank ANZ made video games.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8420 posts
Just tried using it on several different products and all come up invalid. Might be only applicable on games that publishers tell them to raise the price for ANZ.
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Melbourne, Victoria
873 posts
Just tried using it on several different products and all come up invalid. Might be only applicable on games that publishers tell them to raise the price for ANZ.

try searching for (anz) think it's just for games that have (ANZ) after the name
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Brisbane, Queensland
8154 posts
This would be great if Green Man Gaming's checkout ever worked for me. It used to be fine until a few months ago, now neither me nor my girlfriend can ever manage to buy anything. Their checkout just errors out.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Midda contact them for some help.
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Brisbane, Queensland
21156 posts
What are ANZ games?I didn't know the bank ANZ made video games.


Australia (and) New Zealand
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Brisbane, Queensland
8155 posts
Midda contact them for some help.

Done that multiple times. Their customer service is outsourced or something, and it's pretty crap. I haven't tried for a while though, they may have fixed it (though they said once before that they fixed it and it still didn't work).
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Brisbane, Queensland
5326 posts
Looks like i will be buying Simcity off them if they sell it!
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I like eel pie
Brisbane, Queensland
4078 posts
Green Man Gaming had some awesome deals during the steam 'sale' bought quite a few titles through them.

D*** move from 2k games, would love to blast them on twitter.. but whats the point.
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2917 posts
Is there any word on whether this means they will start selling games from publishers that haven't been available in Aus?

Pretty sure the reason they haven't had other publishers available to Australians that they have available to US and UK customers is because they were asked to price gouge and stood their ground on. Hopefully this does mean they may become available, because I'd rather do all my game shopping at a store that supports Australians than have to give anything to those that are apathetic to us like Steam or Origin.

The more people that buy from them the more clout they will have in the industry and they will be able to make a bigger difference than they already are.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1133 posts
What are ANZ games?I didn't know the bank ANZ made video games.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8123 posts
Am I missing something here?
No one is complaining about the fact that 2K games are doing this to begin with?

What happened about the price gouging investigation by the govt?
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Gold Coast, Queensland
22099 posts
What are ANZ games?I didn't know the bank ANZ made video games.
How is it possible to be this dull and/or unfunny?
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Melbourne, Victoria
3055 posts
Not a fan of this, as the OP said other pubs will just use it as an excuse to keep gouging. It's just GMG trying to claim back some of the potentially lost sales to import. I'll stick to import thx. And f*** 2k.
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Central Coast, New South Wales
75 posts
The fact that they just caved is wrong. Should do what GoG does and let people set their country. Tell 2k that customers don't lie, that would be wrong to assume your customers are lying scum.
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Sydney, New South Wales
1897 posts
What Trauma said. all it's doing is keeping all sides happy, not actively combating the issue.
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