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Brisbane, Queensland
3936 posts
Few things.

Who's played it?

Is it as good as NS1?

Is there much of an Australian population that plays it?
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im also interested but im wondering what the european servers are like
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There is a pretty decent amount of aus players on, there was 4 full servers at 10 this evening which is pretty good. The community are nice for the most part.

Never Played NS1 but from what i hear it is quite different, the gorges don't build everything and the aliens have a com.

If i was you id check it out, got 186 hours played so far and having a ball still.
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I played alot of NS1, but its been so long i barely even remember how its mechanics worked vs NS2.
Ive put about 180 hours into NS2 so far, and cant get enough. Play it most nights, its the most fun multiplayer game i've played in awhile.
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The good thing about europe you never have to worry about servers, theyre just there.
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might give this another crack tonight
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Melbourne, Victoria
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It was very popular but died down alot. The game gets very repetitive after a while, feels like its missing something.
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Brisbane, Queensland
13275 posts
I bought it recently and just cant get into it. The engine feels old and clunky and the marine weapons seem very hollow. They don't have a good feel about them I think due to poor feedback. I really dislike how you cant use iron sights.
As for the aliens, the melee combat seems super duper basic and also lacks feedback, most of the time I can't tell if I'm even hitting a marine.

Unfortunately I'm a big chivalry fan and the FPS melee combat in that game is absolutely beautiful, so NS2's melee compared to that is totally balls. Also Chivalry has excellent sounds, sounds for everything. Very defining, that feedback I'm talking about is partly because NS2 doesn't have the same quality and kill of use with their audio.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5321 posts
I play a bit of it and love it. I bought it ages ago when alpha was out. it has come along way. If you are keen on getting it i have spare copy which i actually paid for. Happy to give it to you for another game that is less in value. Add me on on steam _TiT_
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Brisbane, Queensland
11800 posts

Yeah I think it's great. Iron sights in a game like this would just piss me off...what will people want next, iron sights in quake? O_o
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Gold Coast, Queensland
5607 posts
I bought it recently and just cant get into it. The engine feels old and clunky and the marine weapons seem very hollow.

Yeah, I'm the same.
Absolutely loved NS1, but a lot of NS2 maps feel sprawling and corridors/rooms quite often look very similar. That combined with the dynamic lighting make it too easy to get completely lost. Pub games can be very hit and miss because NS has that inherent flaw where if you get a noob or a dolt in the commander seat it's certain loss.

It's quite playable now, but there's still seems to be a somewhat unfinished quality to it. The good thing is the devs seem to be updating it regularly so I'll give it a go in 6 months maybe to see if it's any better.
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