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Crytek on Crysis 3 Dedicated Servers, Never Giving Over the Franchis...
Steve Farrelly
Sydney, New South Wales
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AusGamers was recently given a chance to catch up with Crytek's Mike Read to get a read on where the studio is at with their final chapter in the Crysis trilogy, Crysis 3.

Among a range of topics, we spoke with him about being on the home stretch, what the team has learnt from Far Cry through to Crysis 3, dedicated servers (and their importance in the world of PC gaming), and if the team could ever foresee a future where another studio takes on the Crysis universe.

"I don’t think so. Crysis is something that has really helped build Crytek to what it is today," Read explained.

"From the CryEngine 2 with the original Crysis, to what we’ve done with the CryEngine 3, and the number of licensees, and how we’re continuing to grow out that, in terms of film, and games, and architecture, and all of these different facets. We’re moving in quite a number of different directions."

Click here for the full video interview and transcript feature.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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The question/s:

Does it melt my XBAWKS?
Can it heat my room during winter? and can I use the game to cook steaks on my console?
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He hopes they'll have dedicated servers here???

If they don't then they are ripping us off as the MP will otherwise be unplayable.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Yea that will suck if they don't. Not sure if they did for Crysis 2 but it always seemed laggy as hell and really turned me off the MP, and the Crysis3 Alpha felt the same :( (it is an alpha tho)
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The Crysis 3 Alpha was full of players from all over the world.

There were American's always yelling at people for speaking Arabic or something during matches.

But yes Crysis 2 MP always seemed laggy to the point of being fairly unplayable.

It's a problem which for some reason seems to be becoming more common. Where lag and latency issues make it feel like you're being killed when there's nothing you could have done to stop it. Whether it's shoot back, get to cover or even have a chance to do those things.

It's odd, as someone who plays a hell of a lot of FPS and always have. I only really started to notice this problem a few years ago. MW2. It had match making and it was there, but it was tolerable.

MW3 it was intolerable. When you're shooting almost an entire clip into someone and the kill cam has you firing one bullet before they kill you. It makes the game not fun. This is kind of how Crysis 2 was. Someone appears and you can't really respond. The game is who spots who or who comes around a corner first on the hosting end. Not from your perspective.

To me it takes out the skill and fight from a game. Gone are the days of seeing someone, shooting, hitting them. Being hit. Get behind cover, reload then try and come out kill them, or wait for them to come around or whatever. Now it's see someone die. With lag there's no other possibilities.

Even BF3 which has dedicated servers has this problem due to it's hit detection. Although it's still playable. However a step back from BC2.

Gone is the battle, the fighting, it's just first to spot the other.

It's odd I never used to noticed this in FPS until about MW2 on wards. Now it seems to be in almost everyone.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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looking forward to this...good interview
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