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Abstinence from the Internet
Brisbane, Queensland
203 posts
So I'm moving out to a place without internet for 6 months. Normally I'm a hardcore gamer so it's going to be tough.
What are your thoughts... Have you tried this and how successful were you? What are some tips etc.

I do have a smartphone with net, so i'm not completely cut off from the world, but its not the same.
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36 posts
it's posts like these that make me really sad. 'i can't game online and literally need tips with how to cope'. here's a tip for you.
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Brisbane, Queensland
204 posts
well thanks for your input. Point taken.
How about some more constructive posts please
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Nerf Lord
Brisbane, Queensland
7140 posts
Well... I've found that it's weird using a mouse and keyboard after several days of having not, even if you've been living with them daily for your entire life. So, 6 months will have you sitting back down and thinking "wtf is this s***? I can't... What am I doing here?"

Basically... Good luck. ;)
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I like eel pie
Brisbane, Queensland
4050 posts
3DS XL all you need. I assume you wont have access to a computer..
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Brisbane, Queensland
21109 posts
build s*** out of wood. birdhouses, tables, a TARDIS
learn how to knit
get a camera, go out & take photos of weird things
single player games
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Gold Coast, Queensland
5575 posts
single player games

lol same thing, right?
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Brisbane, Queensland
19403 posts
argh that's a tough one. what did i do before the internets.... i played outside a lot.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9745 posts
Buy a Guitar
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Central Coast, New South Wales
485 posts
Buy a Guitar

And Rocksmith.

6 months down the line and you might be somewhat passable at guitar.

Otherwise, download Morrowing, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3 / NV, X3: Albion Prelude and a s***-ton of mods for all of them.

Open world single player games got me through a lot of boredom when I was sans internet.

Torchlight 2, if you want something less... brain... worky...stuff...
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what faceman said
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Brisbane, Queensland
1899 posts
+1 for guitar
and get an emulator or two and revisit some old school console favourites.
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Brisbane, Queensland
34905 posts
definately dont buy a guitar, you are already suffering by not having internets, why make others around you suffer even more by having to listen to horrible janga jang sounds.

no one wants that.
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13162 posts
and make sure you get a beefy amp as well karmedelik, your neighbours are probably really bad at music and need to be educated
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Brisbane, Queensland
3740 posts
Distract yourself with some other hobby as mentioned.

Or you don't really want to quit just play off line games.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3325 posts
Offline games. Get some epic long ass games like total war or fallout. Or RPGs.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6246 posts
first few days its hard... your like whens my next train.., what times this on... ect and reach for a browser.

then it gets a bit easier
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Brisbane, Queensland
901 posts
I hear if you've got a door you've got a gym! :P
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Brisbane, Queensland
10642 posts
After using the internet for 2 or 3 years as a teen, I was totally addicted to it. I was also very productive and creative, building heaps of websites, lots of photoshopping, designing levels for games, and most of all I knew people from all over the world in chatrooms.
Going on a holiday or something would DRIVE ME NUTS!

Now I've been using for almost 20 years, I do f*** all on it, I don't talk to anybody, and I don't really care if I can get on or not, as long as I have something to pass the time.

The more the Internet has grown the less I find to do on it, and the fewer people I connect with, etc... Social media my arse aye.

How do you meet people on something like facebook? You can't, it's against facebook policy to add someone you don't already know in real life..... then what's the point, everyone I know in real life is no fun - that was one of the big pros of computers - a whole new world of people with interests in computers and games and adam sandler tapes. Now the same f*****g d*******s from real life are on here - why bother having an internet?

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Brisbane, Queensland
19404 posts
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I can't read
Brisbane, Queensland
5375 posts
yeah whatever happened to free to chat on icq hey thermite
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Central Coast, New South Wales
487 posts
yeah whatever happened to free to chat on icq hey thermite

Too many people met boys pretending to be girls.

"Hey, ASL?"

"14 f cali!"
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Sydney, New South Wales
298 posts
I moved a few times and had trouble getting internet access so sometimes i'd have a 12 week wait. You'll seem bored at first but start taking up other stuff. Read some books, go outside and do some exercise. Get a dog and walk him. Be more productive with your time.

Life can be much more productive without internet access, if your the addict type.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8685 posts
Life can be much more productive without internet access, if your the addict type.

Definitely, even if you're not the addict type.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7612 posts
start stockpiling your porn for this 'abstinence' period you deviant
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Brisbane, Queensland
5689 posts
plenty of single player games for this 'abstinence' period you deviant
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Brisbane, Queensland
1481 posts
Seems odd to me how people can get away with not being on email 24/7? Different worlds I guess
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Brisbane, Queensland
3734 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
2900 posts
Smoke e cigs
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Brisbane, Queensland
205 posts
great tips thx
yeah guitar sounds good. Ive got Reason basically sitting on my PC doing nothing so should boot it up, plug in the guitar and learn something new.
Gonna suck the first few weeks - the house is unfurnished so it'll basically be work, gym, sleep for the working week. Live for the weekend i guess.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
2237 posts
Get a library card
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Brisbane, Queensland
2901 posts
If your guitar plugs in your doing it wrong
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Brisbane, Queensland
6121 posts
Build a cake

Otherwise, lego
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