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recommend a GOOD travel agent
Brisbane, Queensland
3573 posts
looking at maybe doing a trip with the girl, and while we troll the net for info and places we want to look, we thought we'd drop into a travel agent,

shocked at the lack of knowledge, we went to another (different company, same parent company) and left still feeling like they lacked much of a clue

would prefer the northside, and the trip would be to the UK, and involve a tour (it is the flights, hotel, transfers and the few weeks after the tour that we would be looking at the help for)

(ps no dates, but and idea of time)
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Melbourne, Victoria
8395 posts
The best travel agent is yourself! We've done lots of trips and just worked it all out ourselves using a mixture of Expedia & TripAdvisor. For booking flights you can use a multi trip site like JetAbroad but if it's just the UK you're doing then you'll probably just need a rail pass.

Just write a list of places & attractions you want to see. Pick your departure and return dates from Australia and start slotting your places list into a calendar. I found we would save money and get more engrossed in the trip by doing it ourselves.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7863 posts
Holly quit but her friend is great

Annabel flight centre Kenmore
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Brisbane, Queensland
3721 posts
I'm with Ticman for the UK, that's the way to do it.
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Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
20960 posts
I've done quite a bit of travelling and booked it all myself and did the research using the usual websites (ticcles mentioned most of them) but I am getting lazier and lazier, I'd rather tell someone what I want, when I want it and get them to piss around making enquiries and booking stuff.

Basically I have nothing useful to add to this thread as our families travel agent is in Syd (I've not used them) but my parents and brothers swear by them.... along with a bunch of family friends who use them
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Brisbane, Queensland
3575 posts
just wanted the travel agent to guide thru the flights and making sure nothing is missed

been over ten years since i've traveled OS, but would rather the peace of mind of having someone more knowledgeable to help
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Brisbane, Queensland
3235 posts
While I don't have any particular recommendations, I'd have to say I like to work it all out myself and then get the travel agent to do the flight bookings and anything else they can get the same price for. They can usually get the same flight prices as online, plus it has the added bonus of them sorting s*** out if something goes wrong. Years ago I had some flights cancelled and the travel agent handled everything between all the airlines involved.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6241 posts
theres enough travellers here. get a guide book and diy
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Brisbane, Queensland
2420 posts
Gerhard Reinke
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Brisbane, Queensland
426 posts
Find cheapest flights on net, then get flightcenter to match the price.
I am flying back to the UK with the family in March on Singapore airlines and got the flights $1500 cheaper that what was offered by any high street travel agent. I think I found the cheapest flights on

If you're going to hire a car, try to avoid the major companies - they really do charge a premium.

Depending on the time of year and deals on, friends of mine have booked and paid for flights from Hong Kong or Singapore in local currency to Europe and just got flights in Australian $ to get to those hubs.

Also be careful of using multiple different carriers to save money, Air Asia X etc, make sure you leave a decent time between each flight, if you miss a connecting flight you gonna be in trouble, where if you use a single carrier they are normally good a fixing up an alternative flight.

For hotels I generally use for major cities.
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2267 posts
flight center at north lakes shopping center found be the best price for my trip and beat anywhere i could find online and tried myself.
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4265 posts
we just went to NZ and used flight centre..

if i was going to do it again i'd just do it myself, too much f*****g around - for things that got cancelled then after the holiday we now have to go back and get things refunded.. its just painful.

We had a bunch of activities paid for but no exact times booked in - they told us someone would meet us at the other side to arrange exact times for our activities, 1hr of waiting at the airport and 2 international phonecalls we found out that was a load of s*** and we were required to call all the activity providers to arrange booking times (which we would have done in australia but were told we didnt need to).

do it yourself, as a guide get them to do a quote with a plan - then follow the plan with your own arrangements

I also found that after flight centre do a quote, you might go back the next day and they say 'oh the prices have just gone up $500'
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Brisbane, Queensland
9864 posts
looking at maybe doing a trip with the girl, and while we troll the net for info and places we want to look, we thought we'd drop into a travel agent,

shocked at the lack of knowledge, we went to another (different company, same parent company) and left still feeling like they lacked much of a clue

you sound like you don't have one yourself...

we're Australian dude - we're so f*****g conservative (no offense infi and friends) that we don't recommend something that might get us sued

just for s**** and giggles, how about you step out of the box, take a chance and ring an American (big ticket) travel agency?

you're traveling dude.. and you're paying for it

get into it or goto the Goldy for too much money
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Brisbane, Queensland
801 posts
Don't use them. Misses booked flights to Europe and paid a lovely 500 dollar premium on each flight. plus had 10 hour stop overs in china. The travel agent convinced her if she didn't book now we would have trouble finding flight. Found flights cheaper on like a week later.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3729 posts
why the f*** would an aussie ring a yank travel agent to travel from oz the the UK?????

we have found an agent (that we drop into on a whim, just to pick her brain) who not only managed to find a good set of flights (via singapore which was prefered as a stop over port) flights on par with the cheapest we could find, best of all was very thoughtful (also found a cheaper car rental than anything I would be able to get!)

also, holy thread bump
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10500 posts
sounds like you need a time travel agent to take you back to a time when travel agents were a thing.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7889 posts
lol noob
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Perth, Western Australia
826 posts
i'm flying thai air to munich for oktoberfest, $1670 return with a week stopover in thailand on the way back
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