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Incident at Chermside Mall
Brisbane, Queensland
9697 posts
Got down to Chermside today and went down past Coles towards the eateries and there a was 20 meter section blocked off with half a dozen cops. They had Crime Scene tape all around the edge of the area.
Went for a look around the other side and something grizzly must have happened at the Knife Store near Optus.

They had up one of those big white curtain things on wheels you used to see in hospital wards to block views, was like 10 meters long.

Went back 45mins later and the Knife store was closed and cops had gone.

Didnt see any Medical people so it must have happened around 11:30am
I dont think it was ALiens.
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Brisbane, Queensland
20435 posts
I dont think it was ALiens.

Can you really be sure though?
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Brisbane, Queensland
10421 posts
It's not a mall, just like they're not cookies.

Police respond to reports of self-harm incident at Chermside Shopping Centre

THREE staff from Chermside's King of Knives franchise have been offered counselling after a man began cutting himself in front of them during a shocking attempt of self harm.

The man bought a knife from a sales assistant and immediate began attacking himself, said a staff member who did not want to be named.

Two of the staff members were aged in their twenties, with the third person affected thought to be middle-aged.

The medical status of the man is not known.

The man, who did not threaten anyone else, was taken into custody by police.

The King of Knives staff member said the man asked to see the knife before he bought it. Shaken, she said she did could reveal any more details about the incident.

A staff member at a nearby Bright Eyes store said a customer ran to the shop after the incident requesting security be called.

Staff at other stores nearby the King of Knives appeared visibly shaken, as several police and shopping security kept the crime scene cordoned off by white barricades.

A staff member at another store said police responded quickly and yelled at the man to "get on the ground now".

Police Media have released a statement into the incident, saying, "Police responded within minutes and took a man into custody. There was no threat or harm to any other people in the centre.

"The area was under police guard for around 30 minutes with minimum disruption caused. Services returned to normal around 12.45pm."

The Saturday before Christmas is one of the year's busiest days for Brisbane's largest shopping centre.

Police converged on the King of Knives shop at Westfield Chermside around 12pm after reports of a man attempting self-harm.

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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
36626 posts
Shaken, she said she did could reveal any more details about the incident
uh huh
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Cairns, Queensland
13276 posts
dont be mean trog, news ltd has had to cut back on things like, umm, grammar in the news
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Brisbane, Queensland
34795 posts
if i lived on the northside, id buy a knife and try and kill myself also
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Brisbane, Queensland
2456 posts
I blame video games.
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Brisbane, Queensland
16418 posts
i blame masterchef.
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3965 posts
See this would never of happened in a gun shop because they dont hand over guns with bullets in them. Stupid people handing over ready sharpend knives.... this is madness.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
5526 posts
Shopping crowds are certainly bad this time of year but nothing to get cut up about.
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Brisbane, Queensland
34797 posts
cut that out matey
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Gold Coast, Queensland
21981 posts
Whichever way you slice it this is a pretty sad story.

Pun now in the correct location.
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Brisbane, Queensland
15583 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
6210 posts
if i lived on the northside, id buy a knife and try and kill myself also

on the southside there are plenty of people who will stab you for free
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Brisbane, Queensland
5689 posts
F*** me the prices are nothing to get cut up over
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1343 posts
hahahahha A++ thread for cutting a few puns into the mix.

I wonder if this dude was one of the bell ends betting that the world would end yesterday...
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Brisbane, Queensland
5690 posts
If he was mike he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed
08:22pm 22/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
8138 posts
They were open this afternoon. I walked in there at around 3pm-ish.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
1345 posts
They were open this afternoon. I walked in there at around 3pm-ish.

Guess they had to cut their lunch break short?
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Central Coast, New South Wales
444 posts
Maybe he was just trying to get them to slash their prices?
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2418 posts
This thread is definitely a cut above the rest.
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Sunshine Coast, Queensland
2344 posts
Bit dicey messing around.. shopping bored.
Don't go choppin after a smoke or you'll end up oil stoned.
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Perth, Western Australia
239 posts
The holiday season doesn't just cut into the wallet.
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Brisbane, Queensland
16420 posts
to be perfectly blunt, some of these puns are rather dull.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9808 posts
the valet parking attendant said I'd enjoy my shopping experience...

*edit* jokes aside - I do want this to come to Garden City for my wife to use, though she'll prolly have to goto Carindale for it instead in the future. I know where to go if I want Coke.. I would prefer the service to come to GC instead.

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Brisbane, Queensland
10613 posts
I was on the highway from the M1 to Brisbane about an hour ago and there must have been 10 cop cars that sped past within a few minutes of each other. One of the cops turned up the Logan Motorway as we went past that. Considering all the s***** driving I'd seen down the coast, and honestly done myself, I was surprised that the cops decided to show up once the roads were empty!
Anyway it turns out there is a manhunt on in waterford for several armed robbers. QPS facebook page comments under 'armed robber, salisbury'.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3709 posts
Saw them speed pass me on chambers flat road with a chopper overhead while I was walking through Waterford on my way home from beenleigh. There was also police looking at something in/next to the river where fitzys is.
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Gippsland, Victoria
1706 posts
Why do you write ALiens like that Faceman?
07:30am 23/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5691 posts
I will get right to the point! Finally got around to getting my leatherman skeletool cx I looked at gerber and few others but the cx seemed to be a cut above the rest.
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Brisbane, Queensland
15533 posts
Ooh that's f***ed up, I bought a torch from there, staff were really nice :(
05:16pm 23/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
9859 posts
Me the wife and 2 year old were walking past as he he was busy opening up his wrist pre the cops, the white shields or anything else. There was a single security dude trying to shoo people away and panicking on the radio.

Wasn't particularly pleasant blood yelling and a public display, he seemed to have a fairly good idea on how to do the job but wasn't overly commited to the task (ie. the cuts were messy and in the right direction but not overly deep). We had gotten around the corner (maybe 15meters and 4 cops appeared and started preparing to tazer his ass).

By the time we had loaded the car and were leaving 8 cops were sitting with him at the exit near the chinese 2 dollar shops.

Gawkers are useless.

I feel for the shop assistants.
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I like eel pie
Brisbane, Queensland
4041 posts
A staff member at another store said police responded quickly and yelled at the man to "get on the ground now".

if the stupid emo really wanted to kill himself he would have charged the police with the knife, ensuring a hail of bullets to end his miserable existence.
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