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Instagram - new Terms of Service
Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
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One of my mates posted this to FB and I found it interesting, I guess it was inevitable giving FB bought IG a while back, but some interesting new terms...

From Huff Post -

Your data will be used for ads. Ads are coming to Instagram. This isn't a surprise. However, the new terms outline the fact the ads will use your data, photos and even the metadata (read: geo-location data), for targeting purposes. As The Social Times says, "Get ready for some ads starring your friends and you." In fact, your data may be used as a way to endorse sponsored content or promotions.
Ads may not be marked clearly. You may not even know that ads are ads. This one seems curious since Facebook's sponsored content is typically clearly marked as such
Instagram can use your photos. You own the content you post, but Instagram can use any of it without any issues.
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Reverend Evil™
Wynnum, Queensland
21153 posts
This is on TMZ Live right now if you're bored and wanna listen.
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Brisbane, Queensland
34783 posts
as i just mentioned to a burt hurt redhat who was outraged by this;

if you dont like terms of service of a product, dont use it.

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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
36621 posts
EFF have a summary:

They also note at the end:
Update: Instagram has put out a statement on their blog saying that they plan to reconsider these changes, and will be modifying the language in the Terms. Instagram also explained that they feel that the Terms were misinterpreted and they did not intend to sell photos. Whatever their intention, the key is the language of the agreement. We look forward to reviewing the revised Terms.
You have until the 16th of January to exit Instagram before this T&C change takes effect.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7707 posts
I still don't get Instragram, like I still don't get Twitter :/.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5298 posts
I dont get Instagram its easier to just click on add picture on facebook and click send
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Cairns, Queensland
13261 posts
I still don't get Instragram, like I still don't get Twitter :/.

Yeh, I think I'm getting old. Had to learn about f*****g Pinterest so I could discuss a project with a client the other day.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
5516 posts
But if they all leave Instagram, where will everyone go to share pictures of their food with one another?
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Brisbane, Queensland
21029 posts
Instagram is where all the cool kids put sparkle filters, flower borders and dreamy haze on their ugly faces to appear more attractive and cool. I delete people from facebook who do that s***.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4169 posts
Didn't facebook actually have this also; but they gave an option to disable it in privacy settings or something?

Instagram will get a similar option surely
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Brisbane, Queensland
1713 posts
My instagram is full of people taking photos of themselves. I'll gladly get rid of it on the 16th of January.
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Melbourne, Victoria
7561 posts
I still don't get Instragram, like I still don't get Twitter :/.

Little Miss Muffett,
sat on her tuffett,
instagramming her curds and whey...
Along came a spider,
and sat down beside her,
To Facebook she ran and complained.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8744 posts
I still don't get Instragram, like I still don't get Twitter :/.
This should clear it up.

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Perth, Western Australia
1342 posts
haha chub, I think we all know someone like that.
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Brisbane, Queensland
21030 posts
man now I wish I hadn't deleted all those instagram f**gets off my fb list so I could give them this video to watch. Oh well.

edit: Oh and, for twittererererers

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