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Brisbane, Queensland
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Splash Damage has released some pre-alpha gameplay footage from Dirty Bomb, the recently revealed upcoming PC-tailored multiplayer shooter from the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Quake Wars veterans.

New details on the game's official website reveal that Dirty Bomb will indeed be free-to-play when it launches, with players now able to sign-up an reserve a username.

They've also detailed a raft of "Founders club" incentives with a bit of a crowdfunding vibe to them, ranging from a $30 entry up to $320 VIP, that offer a variety of promotional bonuses such as access to upcoming beta testing, and art books and t-shirts.
Dirty Bomb is an online PC-only multiplayer-first person shooter. You choose a role that suits your combat style, such as Medic, Engineer, Soldier, Field Ops or Sniper, and then pursue military objectives fighting alongside your team, on the streets of near-future London.

Players who join the Founders Club will have a voice, help sculpt what the game becomes, and ensure our focus on areas important to them. With your feedback, you’ll help shape movement, weapons and abilities, and ensure the game’s smooth feel and high skill ceiling. You’ll help test features such as eSports, before launch.
A FAQ explains that they expect closed beta proceedings to kick off in early 2013.

Check out the pre-alpha gameplay footage of the London Bridge map in action below or here on our HD video page.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Looks like brink without the parkour. Dunno if I'd bother with this one after getting burnt with Brink.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Made for PC ey? Where the environmental destruction <---should be a standard feature in all modern FPS's ..pre-alpha footage yes, but looks like console graphics to me and free-to-play model bleh!
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I liked brink and I am sure I am gonna like this one too.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Looks very much like Enemy Territory which is easily the best objective based fps game made to date.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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reminds me of CS, DOD, TFC, and RTCW

and I don't mean it's like a modern version, just like they stuck bits of those games together when they were popular and put it in a freezer for 10 years and this is what came out

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Brisbane, Queensland
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i did like brink too, but ppl stopped playing it. i cant see this game taking off
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Brisbane, Queensland
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getting hit by bullets looks annoying with all the screen shake and red s*** on the screen.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Only thing that annoys me with modern FPS titles is the HUD seems really cluttered. Guess that's why I like ZombiU, most of the important bits are on the gamepad controller, so the TV screen has a nice clear view of the landscape.

Sadly it still looks exactly like Brink, but without parkour which was kind of the selling point. Now its just Team Fortress 2 but modern looking. Hopefully more footage will reveal some unique stuff, but I guess if its free-to-play it shouldn't be that bad.
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