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Steve Farrelly
Sydney, New South Wales
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Today is the final day of posting for our Resident Revival feature, with the final three games of the mammoth list up for your perusal.

We've also added a small list of honourable mentions for you to look at that were pretty close to making it in, but not quite. We're very proud of the diversity and range we explored here and stand by every entry. Obviously many of you will disagree with some (or all) of what we've posted, but it's always good to start a dialogue about cool s***, and a trip down videogame memory lane is cool s*** in our opinion. Furthermore, we've tacked on the full list after today's three, so you can look at the feature in its entirety (and not have to click through to individual pages).

Click here for the final entry in our Resident Revival feature.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Secret of Mana, Metroid and Conker. This list pleases me!

Secret of Mana was the pinnacle of JRPGs, with only Chrono Trigger getting close. The soundtracks were AMAZING!

Metroid needs to be more like the SNES version, Shadow Complex reminded me a lot of Super Metroid and is exactly how I would want it on current gen hardware.

Conker was probably the N64's most underrated game, the Xbox version was disappointing as it wasn't much of an update. How good was it leaving Conker to dance in the nightclub, the music was pretty damn good (even if it was the same thing on loop).
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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Yeah, good write up is good folks, cheers for running it!

Now to look up some of the 'old guard' and see if we can get em to throw down on Kickstarter!
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Street Rod is one of my favourite games of all time. The mulholland race in Part 2 was so hard I don't think I ever finished one. There was a part I would die every single time - you would just approach some road works or something and just die.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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DoTC and Maniac Mansion, damn they were fun games, that whole Lucasarts era was simply gaming brilliance. Props for mentioning Grim Fandango, the story was closed so bringing it back wouldn't be quite so easy, poor Glottis, one of my favourite video game characters ever.

No Nolf though? disappointed! But the list you have is great, a lot could be done with some of those titles in a modern re-imagining.
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