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Can you jukebox youtube?
Melbourne, Victoria
144 posts
HI guys,

I am looking for a webpage / program - that I can use as a jukebox for a party. Where people can type in song name or artist - and be able to queue up some songs (just like a real jukebox.). Really i'd love it to use youtube.

Has anyone used anything like this before - if so -- what and where =)

(ok.. and before you spark up the flame cannons - I have used google and found some stuff (tubify / tubair / tuberadio.fm), but they dont seem to be able to do what im after (i.e act like a jukebox so other people can select songs.. im not after a playlist function), unless im doing it wrong lol).

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Brisbane, Queensland
10584 posts
Winamp did this.

How are you old school enough to know how a "real jukebox" works, but you do not know winamp?

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Melbourne, Victoria
145 posts
Hey Champ - Actually haven't used winamp in a long time! but.. just loaded it up and cant work out how to do it! Is it a plugin to do this?

you know what they say, you can lead a doc to water - but you cant teach him to think.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10585 posts
Just to clarify, this has nothing to do with youtube. This works off your own music collection.

For youtube maybe you could just play it through the grooveshark website? Youtube itself also has a playlist feature, but I don't know if you can add to it on the fly.

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Melbourne, Victoria
146 posts
AHhh yeh I was looking for more a youtube jukebox service - I've got some guests coming around, and I figure everyone can pick the music =) hmm grooveshark - checkin it out now (thanks man!)
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Brisbane, Queensland
34755 posts
there are multiple front ends that enable you to jukebox youtube

if you can access the ausgamers site, search for them on here.
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Perth, Western Australia
1329 posts

spotify? pandora? youtube disco?
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Brisbane, Queensland
6707 posts
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Melbourne, Victoria
147 posts
Groove shark is on the money - Thanks for the suggestions!
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Brisbane, Queensland
16365 posts
i thought grooveshark was shut down
01:39pm 14/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3700 posts
couldn't you just use Spotify

but yeah Grooveshark is the go.
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Brisbane, Queensland
5286 posts
I use spotify for this. My ipad does all the playlist etc and its portability so everyone can just pass it around. It's connected to air play which is connected to my speakers ;)

for airplay you can either buy apple TV or use XBMC which is built in not sure how many other programs there are with built in airplay
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Brisbane, Queensland
9668 posts
rent a jukebox ?
better yet, hire a DJ.
They know how to get a party started.

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Brisbane, Queensland
15518 posts
They know how to get a party started.
I'm going to stand there and tap my toes next to the punch table.
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4166 posts
youtube avec ads doesn't sound appealing, grooveshark +1
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Brisbane, Queensland
6271 posts

Should open as a optimized for TV frontend that you can control with your android/iphone/win7,8 phone/tablet/device or mouse.


on youtube click popout on any video then click the home button.

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Brisbane, Queensland
3251 posts
Winamp. Goddam that brings back some memories. Would have been about the time i got my first dodgy copy of windows xp. Installed that mofo so many times i nearly knew the cd key off by heart.
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