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xmas work parties
Brisbane, Queensland
9104 posts
who is having an awesome one this year? do you get trashed and talk s*** to people/ try and sex the office chicks?

i miss not having one =( place i work at the moment is so lame, they are putting on a bbq for breakfast tomorrow before we go out and do work... yay, how christmassy :/
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Brisbane, Queensland
5275 posts
yeah i got s*** face and love it.. not hot chicks work at our joint so no sex talk
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Brisbane, Queensland
19337 posts
already had three for my various staff. GET LOW.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8111 posts
Had ours last Friday, it was pretty awesome. Had it ad Zuri Bar, and we had croupiers running a few tables, like blackjack and roulette, and everyone was given $3000 of chips upon entering. It was good fun making "big bets" without any consequences. At the end of the night, there were prizes for various things, like who had the most money, etc.

The bar tab was insane though. They ended up having to order stupidly expensive bottles of booze at the end of the night just to burn through it. I had a $48 glass of Cognac!
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Brisbane, Queensland
1376 posts
Had ours on Saturday. Started with 2 hours of open bar at Byblos, then dinner at Manx (again with open bar). Did my best to try and drink my boss bankrupt :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
17591 posts
yer we go down to the plough on the last day at 12pm and we get lunch + bar tab until about 5pm so it's all fairly messy by the end of it then usually kick on somewhere else
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Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
20940 posts
Tonight company wide one, tomorrow night team/division one.

I plan on being drunk at both of them!
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Brisbane, Queensland
9105 posts
so jealous =( the fact that my work doesnt close down at all over xmas is nearly as big of a kick in the face as the xmas party.
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Brisbane, Queensland
34740 posts
woah midda, that sounds awesome.

yer, i usually smash my work xmas party hardcore, but due to some incidents throughout the year, i missed it this year. it was s*** from the sounds of it.

i have my department xmas party tomorrow, which is beers, a feed and bowls at teh nundah bowls club, looking forward to that.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7019 posts
had a rockn xmas party this year... usually i h8 them as it's usually in a restaurant with the suits :(
this year was snorkelling off tangalooma with beach footy on morton island.
ddin't get pissed even though there was a massive bar tab.. had a great time.
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Brisbane, Queensland
34741 posts
sit down meals for a xmas party are a massive fail
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Brisbane, Queensland
6124 posts
Have 3... usually have 4...

Branch X-Mas party. Free Bowling + Finger food (No Alcohol)
Social X-Mas party. Free Booze+Dinner somewhere fancy. Have to be a Social Club member, $80 if not a member.
Branch X-Mas Lunch. $12 for Lunch + a Secret Santa gift. (Usually get 2, maybe 3, beers)

The 4th is usually a Stream BBQ. Managers/DCEO etc cook us breakfast BBQ and say Thank You + hand out 5 or so prizes (usually just name out of a hat.) (No Alcohol)
No news on the Stream BBQ this year though, so I guess we don't get one...

Program Leader - Survey usually also shouts us to lunch. We have some 'Thank You' Cartons for some misc jobs we did during the year, so we're planning to drink them instead.

I miss the private company parties :(
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1104 posts
ddin't get pissed even though there was a massive bar tab.. had a great time.

worst story ever
03:25pm 13/12/12 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
4418 posts
Ours is tomorrow. I get the day off too, f*** yeah.
03:32pm 13/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
20386 posts
Going down the coast to drink all of term and trogs phat lewt
03:33pm 13/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
15516 posts
Went to Mundo Churrasco, it was tits
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Brisbane, Queensland
13188 posts
Going down the coast to drink all of term and trogs phat lewt

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Brisbane, Queensland
10581 posts
nah ours isn't doing one because of the GFC
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Some Fat Bastard
Brisbane, Queensland
1226 posts
This year after leaving my previous employer and contracting to an oil company I got to sit back with a few work mates at a remote camp in the dark netherworlds of primordial PNG Southern Highlands and drink cordial cause it's a dry site. Truly awesome stuff.

I don't rotate back on now till after January.

BTW Hoggy I transit through Cairns. Nice airport. Looks like a nice town too. I fly in domestic with Qantas and then on through the international terminal on a company chartered Dash 8 so I'm there like most is 3 hours in the domestic or international airport depending on in or out to site waiting for the next connection. Is it worth taking the time to have a quick look around town?
05:55pm 13/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
34745 posts
BTW Hoggy I transit through Cairns. Nice airport

lolz, the cairns airport has been a complete disaster for years, they are only just starting to get it together. still need way more staff.
05:58pm 13/12/12 Permalink
Some Fat Bastard
Brisbane, Queensland
1227 posts
lolz, the cairns airport has been a complete disaster for years, they are only just starting to get it together. still need way more staff.
It's better than any other regional airport I've come across lately and a lot better than some internationals I've been to. Even Perth's domestic is crap in comparison.

They've finished the international and I think it's fine now. The domestic has a fine bar, good outdoor smoking area and when compared to say Alice Springs and even Darwin it s**** all over them. Anyway I use the lounges so don't give a f*** about the plebs.
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Brisbane, Queensland
733 posts
Ours is normally down the local, but this year they are having it at the Carlton United Brewery. Its gunna be a lunch and bar tab thing, only basic beers and wines, anything else you gotta pay for yourself (i know where my bonus is going)
07:10pm 13/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3512 posts
my partners work booked the top level of cloudland, it was nice, food was great, drinks were a little meh, but the servers were great, and because there was a few spaces that people could mingle in each room took on a different cool vibe

the other bonus was once we finished there, we gate crashed another work party, (next level down) which is nice as i knew a few people in there, and the party in there was winding down, so it capped off a nice night
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Gold Coast, Queensland
111 posts
I work at JB Hi-Fi, our christmas parties get abit crazy.. but not as crazy as 4 years ago when ppl got naked and half a store got fired including a manager.
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10181 posts
Ours is on Friday. They were supposed to be shipping us all up to Manchester for a big weekend shindig at Old Trafford corporate suites then they decided to fire a s*** load of people and felt bad so they cancelled it.

Now it is just getting s***ted at a bar in town for the London peeps.
08:14pm 13/12/12 Permalink
4165 posts
my new work has postponed it to February because of the current workload, so... looking forward to Febmas
08:52pm 13/12/12 Permalink
1790 posts
Yeah we had a big piss up here -

Was pretty good.
09:02pm 13/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3691 posts
We had one planned, then these 2 dopes at work tried this prank that didn't really work out. so now is canned.
09:13pm 13/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3333 posts
Having sit down meal next Friday (YES SPOOK THAT IS RIGHT!). My employers are complete tight arses so we have to pay for it ourselves. That is a bit of a kick in the balls but will try and have a good time regardless. The good thing is the restaurant is BYO so I am bringing a heap of booze. Just sit there and get drunk, my team has drinks fairly often so we have all been around each other pissed already.
09:16pm 13/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
17593 posts
My employers are complete tight arses so we have to pay for it ourselves.

that sucks f*****g d**** i'd not bother turning up
09:56pm 13/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
16358 posts
we haven't had a christmas party in years.
10:13pm 13/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
13190 posts
I don't get a christmas party, well we had a BBQ. But instead we get 3 free days off work (not counted towards rec leave woot), making about 8 days of no work wooo.
10:31pm 13/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3262 posts
I take my extended team to lunch somewhere a bit fancy but then we have a big one for the entire division which is the best.
10:59pm 13/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6227 posts
just had mine. was pretty large. company of over 7000 people, well catered

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