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Maxis Reveals City Limit Region in SimCity's Multi-city Feature
Brisbane, Queensland
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Previously we saw Maxis reveal their latest feature to upcoming city simulator SimCity, the Multi-city which will allow budding neighbourhoods the ability to share infrastructure among their friends. Maxis has now revealed that SimCity will feature up to 16 cities available in one playable region, meaning players can go solo, play with friends or the world if they choose so.
Here you can see a brand new screenshot from the front end of the game that showcases just one of the regions that you can explore before you start a city. Right from the start, you will be able to learn lots of things about the region: who’s playing in the region, what cities are available to play in the region, what Great Works are currently in development and perhaps most importantly, what sorts of resources and advantages are available within each city space. Want to take on the role of a coal baron? Click on one of the available cities and see how much coal waits beneath the surface. Stuck without resources? Why not build yourself a Trashtopia and rake in the dough by collecting your neighbors’ garbage.

That’s what SimCity is really all about, Multi-city gameplay where each of the cities takes on a specialized role that can help propel the region to greatness. You decide if you want to play the entire region by yourself, invite your friends to play alongside you, or if you’d prefer to make new friends and strike out in an open region.
You can check out the screenshot in question below, and if you missed the Multi-city feature walkthrough from yesterday you can catch it over here.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Everything about this game just seems.... FUN! I just hope it doesn't bomb on release like Diablo 3 did
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Brisbane, Queensland
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yeah was reading on Origin yesterday and it 1-16 multiplayers :)

I am wondering if the exclusive Digital Deluxe is worth the extra cash and if you will be able to download them as DLC down the track.

Extras are: Heroes and villains set, British city set, French city set, German city set
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TiT buy the game from and pay less then the digital price for the ordinary version.
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Gippsland, Victoria
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After D3 I'm going to wait till well after release before getting a big release title.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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This game just looks better and better with each gameplay emancipation.
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Perth, Western Australia
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gameplay emancipation

I think you mean iteration :P
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Actually, I think I meant 'media release'. But I'm on my 5th cup of coffee for the day, so I would like to vow that I can't be held accountable for the hilariously out-of-context words I use.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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I wonder if you can build a big commuter city and just been union trolling asshat to all your buddies >:D
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