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Recommend me a dentist.
Brisbane, Queensland
13182 posts
Whilst fluoride in the water has held my teeth together for this long, I need to see a dentist about some decent holes in my front 4 teeth. They don't hurt, but yer they need attention.

I'm a total and utter pussy when it comes to dentists and I get massive, massive anxiety even thinking about going to one. O god like now.

Anyway, my plan is to go to the doctors and get some sweet, sweet prescription drugs so I can trip out at the dentist and dream of rainbows and unicorns.

So I need recommendations for a dentist North Side, up near North Lakes. I'm also a tight arse so price is a big factor, I also don't want one that is going to make me never go to a dentist again.
I've considered going to UQ school of dentistry, however the thought of students boring through my teeth scares me, although it is still on the cards if the price is right.
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Brisbane, Queensland
34737 posts
pretty sure my experiences with the northside have revealed that there are no dentists there. go see coopers plains dentist surgery, on the southside, we speak english and care about your teeth.
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Brisbane, Queensland
13183 posts
But Coopers Plains. I'm pretty certain there are crack heads there that will stab me and steal my sweet, sweet prescription drugs. Not necessarily in that order.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10577 posts
getting holes fixed is going to be expensive, get bupa and go to a dentist they recommend
08:10pm 12/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3682 posts
Go here up at Central Lakes near Caboolture http://www.thedentalclub.com.au/

Great service, TV's on the ceiling. Not cheap though. But great pain free service.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1112 posts
Toll... i have exact same issues as you only WAY worse - in fact i wont even tell you my backstory with teeth as it will scare you to death and frighten small children and fpot :P

However, the only dentist I have found and continue to visit (note the words "continue to visit") is Troy at Family Smile dentists, coincidentally at Northlake

Highly recommend him as professional, put you at ease etc kind of person, even changed the music channel on the tv over the chair for me one day :P
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Brisbane, Queensland
13186 posts
But great pain free service.

It isn't just pain that disturbs me, it is everything else. The prodding and pulling, twisting and scraping and good god what kind of madman would become a dentist.

Agamemnon, sounds good. I'll say you sent me and I'll get a discount yer? ;p
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Brisbane, Queensland
6229 posts
dr cox at milton. maybe a bit pricey but i rate him. pretty hot nurses too.
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Brisbane, Queensland
21012 posts
I just had a tooth out, only pain was the initial needle and even then it was more like a pin prick, nothing to cry over.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2216 posts
I don't understand why we are getting holes in our teeth when we have flouride in the water?
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Brisbane, Queensland
7017 posts
this thread reminds me, whatever happened to old mate who had a hard on for his dentist? he brought a kind of earnestness you just don't get from the crazies around here these days.
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
36617 posts
I've been going to this place at Toowong for like, 30 years:


They are a bit more of a factory approach now - your actual face time with a "dentist" is only a few minutes - but they are still a pro outfit.

I have recommended a few nervous dental patients there and they have been generally happy with the experience (as happy as you can be, anyway).
11:49am 14/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
34754 posts
serious answer: contact your health fund and see who they recommend. (ours recommended coopers plains, so thats why we go there).

we get hundreds of dollars of high quality dentistry done each year and pay scarely a cent thanks to your health funds.

dentistry alone goes close to covering our outlay each year!
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Brisbane, Queensland
10411 posts
Spook is right - extras cover is a must if you have teeth and wish to keep them
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Gold Coast, Queensland
112 posts
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