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SimCity Trailer Reveals Multi-city Strategy Feature
Brisbane, Queensland
8238 posts
Earlier in October Maxis unveiled a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming strategy reboot SimCity, showcasing several key features with Lead Designer Stone Librande. The strategy video gave a brief overview of how certain infrastructures are vital to a city in its growing stages.

Continuing the strategy gameplay is a new trailer from Maxis with Lead Developer Stone Librande back again to discuss Multi-city, a new feature that allows budding neighbourhoods the ability to share infrastructure.
With Multi-city play, you no longer need to provide all the required city infrastructures in one city. Build a police station and share your growing police force with the greater region. Have your friend build a fire station in a neighbouring city and soon you’ll see their fire trucks putting out flames in your city. Just like the world around you, neighbouring cities support each other through shared resources. These are just a few examples of the Multi-city play that you’ll see in Stone’s gameplay strategy video.

Built from the ground up to be a fully connected experience, Multi-city play in SimCity gives you the option to choose how you play. When you login and pick a region, you can decide to claim all the cities for yourself, invite your friends into your region to play alongside you, invite anyone in and make new friends, or join someone else’s region.
SimCity will be available in March 8th, 2013 and you can check out the video below for the great overview.

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Brisbane, Queensland
5268 posts
Love this game!!!! I just want it now!
11:25am 12/12/12 Permalink
Perth, Western Australia
1323 posts

That is someones name. He will lead us to the promised land.

Seriously hoping this game is a return to form for SimCity, it's been looking great so far.
11:26am 12/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5269 posts
the only s*** part is EA and Origin horrible pricing!
11:28am 12/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
10572 posts

It's like when your friend gets a new sega game, but he will only let you WATCH him play.

11:38am 12/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2333 posts
Ohmygosh this game looks so awesome. Have been watching all of the videos.

Hopefully this way of doing multiplayer cities is done better than Cities XL was
11:55am 12/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2849 posts
I want this game, but I also don't want to get screwed by insane PC/Origin pricing!
11:57am 12/12/12 Permalink
Perth, Western Australia
16 posts
If you are willing to wait for it to ship ozgameshop has the limited version for $56, $20 cheaper than Origin, assuming they arent going to region lock it???
02:39pm 12/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5272 posts
I am willing to wait to save $20 lol
$99 is crazy!
02:43pm 12/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2850 posts
I can't wait!
03:07pm 12/12/12 Permalink
AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
36613 posts
Looks really awesome. Can't wait to try this - it looks a lot deeper than I was expecting so I'm hoping they're really focusing on the PC / sim market here.
03:21pm 12/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
11778 posts

Looks like they've done a better job than Cities XL.
03:22pm 12/12/12 Permalink
Gold Coast, Queensland
2230 posts
Can't wait for this.
04:01pm 12/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
13181 posts
I too am hoping this will re-capture Simcity2000 and offer great levels of fun depth.

Still, EA are masters of Spin so will have to wait and see this delivered.
04:04pm 12/12/12 Permalink
1489 posts
I am glad they have the option to not invite anyone to join your map so you can end up having several cities all to yourself.
07:01pm 12/12/12 Permalink
2228 posts
man this looks great.. i havent played a strategy game since TA.. i woldnt mind this at all.
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