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Steve Farrelly
Sydney, New South Wales
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Continuing our week-long feature outlining 15 classic games or franchises we think could make it in the modern or future era, we have three more for your revival consideration.

Yesterday we brought you the X-Wing series, Shadow Man and Battletoads. Today's list is a little different but features what we feel are classic titles brimming with transitional promise on the revival front, rounding the list out to six of our promised 15. This obviously leaves nine more games... what could they be?

Make sure you jump in with your thoughts on today's list, as well as your own suggestions, which we'll be collating after our 15 is completed.

Click here for Part 2 of our revival feature.
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Melbourne, Victoria
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A Turok game running in Far Cry 3's landscape would be pretty cool, I never got around to playing the last Turok game that came out though. I've love to see another Double Dragon, Bubsy the Bobcat and Snake, Rattle & Roll.
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i usually hate the gimmicky list based s*** gaming websites shove up to attract readers but i'm really enjoying this. shadowman is long overdue, that s*** was not fun, but the atmosphere, music and characters were on point and well ahead of their time.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Loom . <3
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Melbourne, Victoria
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There was a Turok game that came out for PS3, 360 and PC in 2008. It was pretty good.
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There was this game I played, must have been 1995 or something where you ran around as a lion eating animals and people on safari all set in africa
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Ah I loved the Street Rod series, I remember flogging SR to death and then out came SR2 and it looked so much better. Sure it was simplistic driving, tuning of engines and customisation but damn was it all fun.

Loom, I loved, such an elegant game it was in that Lucasart classic adventure game format but oh so different. Any of the old Lucasarts games would be potentially really big redone - Full Throttle and even the later ones such as Grim Fandango which was truly a piece of art.

Never liked the Turok games myself but damn did they have a big appeal to the gaming masses back then, plenty of people picked up an N64 just to play it.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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Streed Rod has had a few 'spiritual sequels'. Whether it be in the form of the attempt at a 'greaser racing MMO' of Motor City Online, or the Street Legal (and it's sequel SL: Racing Redline) games, which technically achieved amazing things, it simply needed to be picked up and given more funding to really polish the game up! But you guys are dead on. Here is a game that needs a remake!

Loom was epic for it's day, only an independent developer would stand a chance at remaking that game with any real credibility. Call me pessimistic, but I just don't see a big developer remaking it with 1/10th of the 'attention to detail' that loom deserves.

Grundar, Any of the Lucasarts games would hold up on a tablet or for mobile gaming just fine; the only real work in that is making an interface that worked with a touch screen!

And one of the things I remeber fondly about the Turok games was the RIDICULOUS assortment of weapons (what was that one weapon that would burrow into the skull of the target and then explode... that was awesome fun!). In fact, that's why I recall both Duke Nukem 3D and Blood with great fondness, the assortment and range (and balance!!) of the weapons in both of those games is a good portion of the reason those games were AWESOME fun!

Today I'm going to follow this article up with my own suggestion of 'Haloween Harry / Alien Carnage'. It was the right balance between 'traditional platformer', goofy plot and awesome soundtrack that made the original shine. I know there was a sequel (which didn't do the original any benefit) only a few years later, but there's a game that could really shine if done in a similar vain to 'Bionic Commando: Rearmed'.
(Also, to Steve and the AG/QGL crew; Cheers for running this editorial!)
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Brisbane, Queensland
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So far 6 fails from 6. 100% miss rate, keep this up and you get the "Epic Fail Waste of Banwidth" article of the year.
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^ whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Someone is a negative nancy. No one talks to Steve like that.
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