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Skydiving suggestions
Brisbane, Queensland
2795 posts
I'm sure some people here have gone skydiving. So just wondering what are some good spots around Brisbane (1-2 hour drive is ok too). Any feedback about businesses that do it too would be super!
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Brisbane, Queensland
8230 posts
Not in Brisbane, but on the Gold Coast at Coolangatta. About 10 minutes from the Gold Coast airport is Gold Coast Skydive, definitely recommend them as it was well worth the money (and cheaper then I thought) and very professional. Was heaps of fun and I would love to do it again though there is a bit of a pull when the parachute opens that gives your groin a testing. Also they allow you to take reigns and steer for a bit before landing on the beach.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1064 posts
Caloundra was good. Landed on the beach.

Bit further out but i recommend skydiving over the Swiss Alps from a Helicopter. :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
8735 posts
The guys at Redcliffe have the most experienced tandem masters and a lot of great/safe landing zones.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9656 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
8073 posts
Skydiving suggestions

Pro Tip: Wear a parachute.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2796 posts
pro tips noted. even the parachute one
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Brisbane, Queensland
1329 posts
I just spent a week at Kirra in a beach front apartment and watched the skydivers landing on the beach there everyday (most were tandems). Was very cool seeing how close they managed to get to their large X each time.
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Brisbane, Queensland
209 posts
I started the AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) course in November last year so I could jump solo (most accidents happen on tandem jumps) and I also wanted the most from the experience.

First two solo jumps (1 zipline jump @ 3k feet and 1 with instructors @ 10k feet) I did at Ripcord Skydiving at Gatton. Found the guys there to be a great group and the price not too expensive.

I have heard some horror stories about the owner being a rip off merchant though (will charge you $100+ if you lose the $10 plastic ripcord on the hired rig). But the AFF instructors out there were otherwise fantastic and made my first foray into skydiving an absolute pleasure.

If you get the opportunity to jump over the ocean / beach, do it. There are definitely better scenes than the vista that is Gatton. lol

Heres the vid:

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Cairns, Queensland
13227 posts
Did a (tandem) jump in Cairns a couple weeks ago, really can't recommend it enough.
most accidents happen on tandem jumps

Really? I'd have expected the opposite.

Oh dear ... !
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Brisbane, Queensland
6597 posts
I actually like you most of the time Faceman.
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Brisbane, Queensland
7597 posts
Lol push that b**** out
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Brisbane, Queensland
731 posts
Heard the one at Byron is awesome and supposedly the highest.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1105 posts

I jumped in May up at Sutton's beach at Redcliffe. Was an awesome view.
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