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In a recent interview with Polygon (thanks VG247), Blizzard executive Rob Pardo has confirmed that their action-RPG Diablo 3 is still being explored on consoles, with "builds up and running on it", however nothing set in stone has been revealed yet. In the interview, Rob reveals that while they are hoping it can be made into an official project, it isn't quite there yet, though it's apparently "looking pretty cool".

While Blizzard Entertainment has been toying at the release of Diablo 3 on consoles, there has only ever been one game in the franchise that has seen the light of console days, the infamous Diablo on PlayStation which was published by EA in 1998.

Lead Designer of Diablo 3 Jay Wilson also stated in the Polygon interview that Blizzard are still exploring console options and continuing to "expand and add onto the game."
The whole team is essentially working on the next big Diablo thing," Wilson told Polygon during an interview this weekend. "A lot of that stuff will show up next year at some point."
Hopefully if a console version of Diablo 3 ever makes the light of day, it will be just as feature rich as the PC version is. For now though, it's simply a Blizzard trademark Soon.
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They need to give the game some replayability first.
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This thread made me fire up D3 for the first time in ~2 or so months.

Server was down for maint.

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They need to give the game some replayability first.

As someone who is not a fan of RPGs/Action RPGs in general, I'm still confused about this. In terms of gameplay and replayability, what did Diablo 2 have that Diablo 3 doesn't?
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They need to give the game some replayability first.

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As someone who is not a fan of RPGs/Action RPGs in general, I'm still confused about this. In terms of gameplay and replayability, what did Diablo 2 have that Diablo 3 doesn't?

1) The 99 Level cap was extremely hard to get to. Far longer than this paragon thing they brought in. Seeing that bar progress gave you a reason to play even when not getting upgrades, and death would cost you 10% (i think?) of your xp bar so each one was a major set back.

2) No respecing your talent tree and stat points to assign in D3. in D2 this meant you could really chase the perfect build, with not a single stat point wasted. That often meant re-rolling your character to accommodate even a small upgrade just for the sake of being perfect. Variable stats on items meant you might re-roll just because you got a better or perfect version of the same piece of gear.

3) Because you could assign stats and didn't get one base set of skills you'd roll new characters all the time. Sometimes you just find a piece of gear and think..."Man that would be cool for a fury druid, I'm going to make one!". Once you have all the classes in D3 it really feels boring. I didn't even get that far.
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I feel like the correlation between gold to progression was too direct and there was no real gamble lucky wins which kept the whole thing light and you knew that your time was mostly for playing the game..

Then the direct relation that gold = real money killed all motivation.
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"what did Diablo 2 have that Diablo 3 doesn't?" Support for mods, the ability to play offline, runes, runeword items. The fact that you can play the entire game through on all four difficulty levels without finding a single useable legendary item or set item leaves players at the end of the game wondering, where's the damn treasure? You can no longer jump from one quest to another via waypoints. The preset skills are completely UNcustomisable. You no longer get to choose how to boost your character's strength, dexterity etc when you level up. You amass millions in gold but there's nothing to spend it on. We waited 10 years for THIS? A huge disappointment. The only possible redemption will be if Blizzard are holding back the good stuff for the inevitable expansion pack.
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Due to three little words it doesn't matter what Blizzard does; Path of Exile.
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That be right, no don't finish the PC version jump to console to make the same mistake all over again. One thing for sure the sales are gonna flop on console.
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