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Steve Farrelly
Sydney, New South Wales
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As the year draws to a close and the next-gen looms on one of 2013's horizons, we've set our eyes back to the glory days, to look at classic games or franchises that might actually have a place in the modern or future videogame landscape.

Our list quickly blew out to a huge number, which we trimmed back and decided to hand to you in daily, digestible chunks form. We have 15 in total, and throughout the week we'll show you three per day, in no particular order. Each game is diverse, from various backgrounds and absolutely capable of making it today and tomorrow's market, in our opinion. But we also invite you to agree or disagree and, more importantly, give us your own classics you'd love to see revived.

Hit this link for today's three!
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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I reckon LucasArts will be watching the response to Star Citizen and the proposed Elite remake from David Braben closely. If the bazillion dollars that just got thrown at RSI is any indication of the demand, they'd have to be crazy not to mull over an X-Wing series reboot.
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Shadowman sequel would be amazing, would even love a HD remake for Xbox live :)
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Gippsland, Victoria
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Aw man, Shadowman. That takes me back.
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One of my favorite old games Descent is being revamped by an indie developer.

I for one will get it. I used to play this on a dial up connection using Kali. One of the oldschool guys that now lives in Toowoomba was an old fo. Cant remember his name right now (which s**** me)

Link to an article about it:

Ignore the origional bot models. They are all in the process of being updated.

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Melbourne, Victoria
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Any serious X-Wing/Tie Fighter game from Lucasarts would sell very well I think, there is a big enough market out there for those gamers who remember the series well and there would be enough interest from the new generation of gamers especially with the new Star Wars movies announcement (please be based on the Thrawn series lol)

Also I'm hoping NOLF makes this list, those games were sensational.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Killer instinct ffs
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Resident Evil.

Yeah I know it never died but I am talking about the puzzle/survival horror games. They were great fun and I wish theyd come back.
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I never actually played any of the X-wing/Tie Fighter games, Closest I got would be Shadows of the empire and Rogue Squadron on N64. Publishers seem to not want to make money and not listen to their customers. Who here would buy a KOTOR 3 game day 1? I sure would, Collectors edition if they would have it for PC. I also want Pod Racer re-make, I don't care much for racing games but I loved that thing a lot.

I just remembered that the PS2 has a sequel to pod racer, no downloads for it so I will get it off ebay.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Someone needs to remake Raptor: Call of the shadows, exactly how it was but with modern graphics. Also Shadow Warrior.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Seconded on the Road Rash.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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People genuinely want another sequel to Battletoads?
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4chan probably would go wild for a battle toads game. I remember playing it and never getting past the 3-4th level. Holy crap, Jungle strike, I played that and desert strike a lot back on Mega Drive in the day. That would be potential indie title.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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General Chaos
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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I would LOVE to see an X-Wing/Tie-fighter sequel. I was thinking about it after playing Tie-fighter late last year again... it's a HUGE deal bringing that franchise forward. With all the scope for 'high fidelity' (not just visuals, but gameplay feel and balance as well as its capacity to being immersive) there's balancing the controls for the game, let alone actually balancing the spacecraft and this is before you get to the point where Tie Fighter's plot was top notch (being borrowed from the Thrawn Trilogy).

I think we're ready for a sequel, but I think plot would be a significant component in re-releasing that game (how GOOD could a co-op mode in the game be if you could play 2-4 player games of 'story missions'!!).

Raptor and Jungle Strike would both make fine remake's too (and could make very competent mobile games as I think about it too) getting the overall 'feel' of those game right and true to the originals, would make a HUGE task, and would play a huge part in whether or not the games would be successful (c'mon, how many 'half-baked' reboots have people played, amirite?)

I'm going to nominate a franchise RIPE for the picking. Duke Nukem. There, I said it. It's been a dirty word in this business for a loong while now, but now that Gearbox finally got the last installment of that [now franken-]franchise out the door, can we finally get back to being able to 'kick ass and chew bubble gum'?
I know Duke3D really 'pushed the envelope' for it's time in gaming, but it was ALWAYS the humor in Duke 3D (and Shadow Warrior as pointed out above too) that made that game REALLY shine! Make it less about the visuals, and MORE about REALLY non-'PC' humor.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Yeah, I'd play the s*** out of a new X-Wing game, I mean, Star Wars is even bigger now than it was back then so surely the game would sell like hotcakes. It did such a good job of adding complexity, where you could shuffle power around and shuffle your shields around and weapon groupings, etc, but still stay accessible and full of action and dog-fighting and stuff and not get bogged down feeling like a sim. Too many space games since then have either gone too far one way or the other, becoming extremely dense sims like the X series, or being all about arcade action and explosions without any complexity. Need another game that blends the two deftly together.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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when playing games like BF3 online I saw disappointment for how the concept of teamwork just doesn't work in pubs

I don't see how you could take a game as classic as X-Wing and subject it to this audience.

shame on you. The franchise is already under enough pressure - why add to it
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