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EB Games Preparing for Mad Monday Special with Cheap Online Deals
Brisbane, Queensland
8215 posts
EB Games has revealed their upcoming Mad Monday online special, a one-time event that will begin on Monday 10th at 12:01am Syndey time (11:01pm Sunday for Brisbane). The online sale will include deals for an assortment of games, collectors editions, console bundles and even some newly released Wii U titles at a very cheap price.

The online sale will continue through until the next day, with hourly "super-deals" starting from 10am to 5pm Sydney time (9am to 4pm Brisbane). You can check out a glimpse at what will be on sale over here but you better be quick with your fingers as some of these deals will definitely go fast. Some of the more stand out deals include Wii U titles like ZombiU, Assassin's Creed 3 and Scribblenauts at a low $48, 12GB PlayStation 3 plus Duke Nukem Forever for $247 and pre-owned Nintendo Wii consoles for $48 however stocks are limited.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
21912 posts
Jesus christ those prices are all utterly terrible. Why would they even bother?
01:53pm 09/12/12 Permalink
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hey every one
03:27pm 09/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3243 posts
lol, 2 EB employees posting in an EB thread. Awesome.
06:10pm 09/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
8103 posts
12GB PS3? The f***?
06:29pm 09/12/12 Permalink
I like eel pie
Brisbane, Queensland
4024 posts
don't know if ill buy anything, might wait to see what is in the collectors edition clearance.. also might check out the pricing on some 3DS games..
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12GB PlayStation 3 plus Duke Nukem Forever for $247
How is this a stand out deal? It's more expensive than other places sell it without being on sale. JB's have it for $229 and they aren't even trying to palm off their excess rubbish onto you by "giving you" DNF.

I've found a new Australian gaming store that seems to be pretty good for those interested. https://www.beatthebomb.com.au/

Their prices range from the normal price you'd expect to pay ($50ish), all the way to the Australian Tax rate version that you'd find at EB's($90ish). But they have good delivery and the worst of the Tax rate seems to only apply to pre-orders. They also sometimes have really good deals, I got Halo 4 for $47 delivered, only took a few days to arrive.

They seem to be a favorite among the Ozbargain community as well so my good experience isn't isolated.
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So we can either buy these games for 24hrs off eb or just go to jb hi fi and get them at their normal prices?
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Brisbane, Queensland
7173 posts
Prices are OK i guess when you compare it to how much EB normally sell for but still why would you bother.

I just bought Hitman Absolution (tailored edition) for the 360 for $35 from Ozgameshop. EB are selling the standard edition for $68 which is double the price for what i paid for.

I haven't bought a game in some time so I want to get Sleeping Dogs, Max Payne 3 and Assassins creed 3 but its too many 3rd person shooters and not enough time!
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Brisbane, Queensland
1442 posts
Stupid that a motion plus controller is 18$ more expensive than a pre-owned wii.
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