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Recommend me headphones #123456789
Brisbane, Queensland
188 posts
So my Gamecom Plantronics were crushed yesterday after many years of excellent use. Thinking of getting something new and saw what looked pretty cool in EB Games - ASTRO A40 series. $300 at EB, $250~ on EBay

Anything I should know about these before I get too committed?
Any other worthy competitors? - No Razor/Steelseries kthxbi
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10:52am 07/12/12 Permalink
20 posts
f*** man i'm pretty sure the forums search would bring up more than enough information on the subject. a google search would give you so much information that you would literally BECOME headphones.
11:32am 07/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5256 posts
yeah, i comment on every headphone threat and still say the same thing. Recommend Audio.

Ive got these had them for over 5 years.
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Melbourne, Victoria
1114 posts
Anything headphone related recently I've just hit up this: Guide.jpg
Although it isn't gaming headsets
01:22am 09/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2385 posts
^ Doesnt once mention KRK's. These are great studio monitor headphones, and the clarity when used for gaming is great.
This is a great headphone review btw.
08:21am 09/12/12 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
1115 posts
Yea that actually is a great review, spelling mistakes aside. It gets into some great detail without getting all technical on our asses
11:00am 09/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
9648 posts
Ill give a plug for

pretty awesome range.
12:02pm 09/12/12 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
7547 posts

I just picked up a pair to try, wow, these things are freaking awesome for a $35 set of headphones.
01:03pm 09/12/12 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
1933 posts
Check out this headphone review people.

It's size is unbelievable. This dude spent 16 months listening to, and reviewing, the best and most expensive headphones in the world.

I'm not saying you should buy any off this list OP, but check it out anyway!

Battle Of The Flagships (50+ Headphones Compared)!

I really like the look of the HIFIMAN HE-500 after having a look at that.

I'm still rockin the Beyerdynamic DT531s after about 10ish years.
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Gaelic newb
Sydney, New South Wales
20933 posts
heh, I sill use DT531s too!!
10:46pm 09/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
189 posts
holy s***...

Depending on the condition, expect to pay somewhere between 7 and 11 grand for the headphone alone. If the amp and headphone are sold together, the asking price may be more than your car's.

I guess that's a lil extreme.
Thx for the recommendations tho guys. need time to digest the info. would prefer having mic attachement as i play games over skype/vent, but i guess i can settle for the mic as a peripherial device.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9844 posts
bepatient's picture is retarded.

In ear, open, closed or sound cancelling is always the a major limiting criteria.

If you didn't want headphones that annoyed others, or were absolute s*** in noisy environments then you'd be very annoyed you had spent several hundered on HD600s
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