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Brisbane, Queensland
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All these classic games from 80's/90's to play in your browser :)

Let the nostalgia begin...
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
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Doesn't work at work...
Tho I did find this little gem the other day
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Mother Of God.

That is awesome.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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doesnt work

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Brisbane, Queensland
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you deserve a medal
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Melbourne, Victoria
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Holy s***, Scorched Earth and Skyroads.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Has anyone got a copy of warcraft 2 or know where to get it? All I can find is the demo (which is also on op's site).
10:23am 07/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
7007 posts
haha well that is a pleasant surprise, I was expecting something like this
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Brisbane, Queensland
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site is so slow,, getting hammered.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Commander Keen.

nuff said
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Gold Coast, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
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site is getting raped, barely loads for me
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I assume most of these games haven't been hard to get a hold of before now, amazing how many people can't be f***ed with exe's anymore :P
06:04pm 07/12/12 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
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Glad you like! I'm loving it, I'm jus loading them up to watch the intro to get that nostalgic affect...And also playing some :)

After all these years of (2001) being on qgl I finally posted something useful.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Cairns, Queensland
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Haha reload

Has anyone got a copy of warcraft 2 or know where to get it? All I can find is the demo (which is also on op's site).

I went to assuming you could buy BNE ... surprised you can't!

Amazon maybe?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Got the incredible machine a while back from GOG i think. Maybe $5 for everything IIRC.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Was at Chermside today and down near BigW theres a Stall with Video game tables running Pacman, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Galaxian etc... 60 games come with the table. Cost around $2500 but i was talking to the chick and she said just over $2000 so i guess you could haggle a good price.
They had some Upright mini ones too.

This is the online site for them:

The Table was very well built, thick Glass, nice screens.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6265 posts
I own a legit copy of WC2 BNE, PM me if you're local and i can probably assist you if you've lost your original media :)
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